NoRx Improv

Membership Eligibility: All Members of the Jefferson Community

Membership Dues or Fees: None

Description: The purpose of this organization is to teach Jefferson students the fundamentals of improvisational theater; to provide an outlet for creativity and stress-relief to the student body; to impart valuable generalizable skills (e.g., listening, communicating ideas, etc.); and to provide entertainment and cultural enrichment to Thomas Jefferson University and the surrounding community. NoRx Improv will allow students to practice harnessing their creative energy. Having the ability to explore one’s creativity and imagination can be beneficial to the psyche, to the spirit, and to one’s sense of self. Members may find out new things they never knew about themselves. They will come to know the embrace of their outlandish ideas, and not to be afraid of failure or embarrassment for trying something new. They may gain newfound confidence in their abilities to listen, to interact and communicate, to convey ideas, and to think quickly under pressure. Many of these skills will be important in the workplace: practicing interdisciplinary teamwork, being “pimped” on rounds, responding to the emotional needs of patients, or giving presentations to colleagues. Furthermore, by learning and playing together, members will build a special bond that allows them to trust each other on stage and outside.


Organization Email:

President: Sarah Halbert, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Treasurer: Adam Kiejdan, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Vice President: Adam Barnes, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Secretary of Fun: Melissa Riegel, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Student Organization Advisor: Susan Rosenthal, Associate Dean, Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling
1025 Walnut Street Room 116 Philadelphia, PA 19107 | 215-503-6988