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Student Organizations Overview

The Office of Student Life and Engagement manages and provides support to the more than one hundred student organizations here at Thomas Jefferson University.  

Annually, the Office of Student Life and Engagement publishes two main documents - the Student Organization Manual and the Student Organization Directory.  

Jefferson campus

The Student Organization Manual provides important information to student organizations and includes our current policies and procedures.  The manual is categorized into three sections: Operating as a Student Organization, Financials, and Event Management.  All student organization officers and advisors are responsible for reading the manual and operating in accordance with the information contained within.

The Student Organization Directory is a comprehensive online guide for members of the Jefferson community interested in participating in student organizations, which provides a webpage for recognized student organization on campus.

The Student Organization Link Canvas Course is the main hub for student organization announcements, information, resources, and training. Information for how to self enroll in the course can be found on the "Student Organization Annual Registration Process" page (link below). Any member of a student organization is welcome to access the course but please note the course is refreshed each year for annual registration so any returning member/officers will need to re-enroll as each new academic year begins.

2022-23 Information

Students that are involved with an existing student organization or those interested in starting a new student organization can view some quick reference highlights from the Student Organization Manual below.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office for additional information or questions.  We'll be happy to help!  You can reach us at, by calling 215-503-7743, or by stopping by our office which is located in Jefferson Alumni Hall, Suite 105.