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Student Organization Minimum Requirements

The Student Organization Recognition Policy is designed to ensure that our student organizations are active, fulfilling their purpose, and contributing to Jefferson and the community.  All student groups are bound by this recognition policy.  

Student groups that are not recognized by the University (e.g. fraternities) may not represent themselves as affiliated with any part of the University, receive funds from the University, nor use University facilities unless they meet the requirements for use of facilities by outside parties.

For the 2018-19 Academic Year

Part A.  Student organizations must

  • Student organizations must have officers, members, and an advisor meeting the specifications below
    • At least four individuals in the role of officer for the student organization.
      • Officer positions must be filled by current students of Thomas Jefferson University.
      • If the student organization’s membership eligibility is listed as “All Jefferson Students” or “All Members of the Jefferson Community”, then the Executive Board should be interdisciplinary (officers should not all be from the same College).
      • Each organization must have a designated President and a designated Treasurer.  The other two officer positions may be determined by the student organization, but may not be duplicate positions (e.g. each student organization may only have one President at a time). 
      • Students may not hold more than one officer position within a single student organization and may not hold more than two officer positions across student organizations.
    • At least six members in addition to the officers.
    • A current Jefferson faculty or staff advisor.
  • Complete the online Student Organization Registration Form which includes a roster of the organization’s officers, members, and advisor and contact information for each individual.
  • Have all officers successfully complete the online Student Organization Officer Training (this entails viewing the presentations, documents, and other information, and obtaining an 80% or higher on each quiz)
  • Have a current constitution/bylaws on file in the Office of Student Life and Engagement

Part B. Additionally, student organizations must

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures in the Student Organization Manual.
  • Notify the Office of Student Life and Engagement of any Changes in Student Organization Leadership within one week of the change (this includes Executive Board Transitions prior to the end of May, loss or addition of a student organization officer, and loss or addition of a student organization advisor)**
  • Hold at least two meetings per semester.
  • Contribute to campus life or the community through at least one activity, event, or program per semester (fall and spring). 
    • Note: Fundraising events with the intention to raise monies to benefit the student organization itself do not qualify.
  • Submit the Mid-Year Progress Report by December 31st and the End of Year Report by May 31st.  The reports will provide information on the semester activity of the student organization (meetings, events, fundraising, etc.) and how the organizational purpose was supported.  Student organizations can access the Reports in the “Forms” Section of the Student Organization Link in Blackboard Learn. The forms will be open begning the December 1 and May 1 respectively.

NOTES: When reviewing student organization registrations for the 2018-19 academic year, a student organization’s status will be determined based upon whether they completed the above requirements during the prior academic year.