Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

What We Do

The Center for Teaching and Learning is Jefferson's leadership and support team for academic excellence. CTL staff are grouped into primary service categories, but work collaboratively with you to meet your goals.

Anthony J. Frisby | Director, Center for Teaching and Learning and the Scott Memorial Library

Liz D'Angel | Assistant Director, Communications and Project Management

Doretha Johnson | Administrative Assistant

Rod MacNeil | Director of Operations, Scott Memorial Library

Pejman Makarechi | Director, Biomedical Communications

Dian Wooten | Administrative Assistant

Roger Mgrdichian | AV Equipment Services Supervisor

Christopher D. Braster | Assistant Director, Educational Technologies

Edward Everett | Instructional Technology Specialist

Sean Dyer | Computer-Based Learning Developer

Gail Leone | Educational Technologies Assistant

Brittany Clark | Instructional Support Specialist

Martha Ankeny | Director, Learning Initiatives

Carmin Bermudez | Curriculum & Instructional Design Specialist

Jessica Diebold | Curriculum & Instructional Design Specialist

Paul Schiffmacher | Medical Illustrator

Karen Kirchoff | Photography Supervisor

Britney Lillya | Photographer

Julie Phillips | Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Patrick Gilligan | Manager of Video Production, Webcasting and Videoconferencing/Assistant Director of Biomedical Communications

Amanda Cozza | Video Production Assistant