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iCE Platform & App Support

The Interactive Curricula Experience (iCE) Platform and App is a resource for providing your students with everything you want them to know about your content. Providing students with content in a contextual format helps them see relationships and make connections. iCE is also a useful tool if you want to “Flip” your classroom.

All Banner-registered courses, along with the members of the faculty and the students assigned to the courses, are available in the iCE Platform & App. Once a member of the faculty contributes information to a course, it is available to the students using the iPad App or any up-to-date web browser. iCE can also be used for for other, non-Banner registered, activities such as Resident tutorials, Jefferson Centers, and interest-group activities.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides training sessions and individual support for using iCE:

Download infographic: iCE: interactive Curricula Experience - Platform & App.