CTL Introduces After 5:00 Workshop Series

Do you find it difficult to attend a workshop during the day? The Center for Teaching & Learning is introducing 5 workshops in the After 5:00 Series for your convenience. After 5:00 Series workshops begin at 5:30 and most are scheduled to conclude by 6:30 pm. They address issues at the center of teaching and learning across all environments, including creating a learner-centered classroom, facilitating robust class discussions, and crafting more engaging lectures. This series may be of special interest to individuals new to teaching or considering teaching as a profession. Participants are invited to attend all of the sessions or select the workshop(s) of most interest:

Active Teaching, Engaging Minds | REGISTER: August 23, 2017
Active teaching is an umbrella term used to identify a variety of teaching strategies. It includes most anything that students do in a classroom other than passively listening to an instructor’s lecture. Research demonstrates that active teaching techniques improve students' understanding and retention of information and can be very effective in developing higher order cognitive skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Active learning, however, presents challenges and requires re-thinking the classroom space and traditional roles.

Creating a Learner-Centered Environment | REGISTER: August 30, 2017
The educator’s role is undergoing a change in the 21st century. This transformation is due, in part, to the information explosion, educational technologies, calls for accountability and demonstrations of student learning, and a growing body of evidence-based practices that documents effective pedagogy. As a result, the instructional paradigm is giving way to the learner-centered paradigm.

Building a Better Lecture | REGISTER: September 20, 2017
According to classroom observations and self-report data, instructors rely heavily on lecture as an instructional method despite research documenting the limited effectiveness of lectures as a teaching strategy. Lectures can be integral to the learning experience with an understanding of the factors contributing to its effectiveness as an instructional tool. This workshop will focus on identifying key uses of lecture and three simple strategies for building more effective learning experiences for students. Participants are asked to identify and bring a lecture they have previously developed for use during the experiential workshop.

Facilitating Discussions 101 | REGISTER: September 25, 2017
Teaching through discussion rather than lecture presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for instructors. This workshop explores the power of discussion as a teaching tool and offers advice on strategies for incorporating discussion into in small, medium or large course environments.

Electronic Portfolios for Academic Programs and Career Success | REGISTER: November 7, 2017
The fields of art, architecture and engineering have long used portfolios as a way for both students – and professionals – to showcase their work. Not unexpectedly, these physical portfolios have found their way onto the digital world and are often called e-portfolios. Whether physical or electronic, this tool for showcasing a person’s skills and experience is valuable to the learner as evidence of their accomplishments and as a tool to help them stand out as a better candidate in the hiring process. Portfolios can also play an important role in the professional development of a student. Specific course projects that meet academic objectives can be reflected on, solidifying the students understanding of concepts and the skills they’ve mastered.

Download a PDF of the After 5:00 Series workshop descriptions and dates.