Customized Consulting to Help Your Writing Teams

The CTL Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication (formerly, The Writing Center) already offers researchers at Jefferson on-demand support for their research writing. Now we are introducing a service to help research teams improve their group writing efforts.

As writing consultants, we’ll look at how your team produces research writing. Can you streamline the process you use to complete drafts, comment on them, and revise them for publication? We’ll offer customized guidance and writing training, based on your team’s needs, to help them get their writing done. We can help teams to improve any part of their process or coach individuals to improve their writing products. For example, we can attend a kickoff meeting and help scope out the writing plan. We can also provide editing training for the whole team or coaching for those who are polishing the drafts.

The goals of a customized writing consultation: 

  • Reduced frustration for writing team members
  • Increased efficiency for getting writing done as a team
  • Shared language for overcoming writing obstacles
  • Improved quality of team-produced drafts

How it works: 

  • Team leaders invite us to meet with the writing team
  • Consultants and team discuss their writing process and obstacles
  • Team provides writing samples to demonstrate possible needs
  • Writing consultants develop an action plan (editing, writing process improvement, time management, coaching)
  • Team leaders approve or revise plan
  • Writing consultants deliver training or coaching as agreed 

For more information, please contact Pam Walter at: