Make Time for Writing This Fall

Does “write more” keep getting pushed to the bottom of your to do list? Are you paralyzed by the amount of work needed to publish your research? Do you have a half-finished manuscript gathering dust on your desk? The Writing Café in Room 200A of Scott Memorial Library provides you a chance every Tuesday from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. to prioritize your writing. Put the Writing Café on your calendar, start showing up, and watch your writing projects flourish.

What is the Writing Café? It’s regularly scheduled, uninterrupted writing time in a group setting. When you arrive, you simply sign in, settle down at a writing space, and get to work. Writing Center staff will be available for on-site writing consultation.

Why do I need the Writing Café? Allotting time each week to write is the key to successful writing and publishing. Research has shown that academic writers who follow a schedule are more creative and far more prolific than those who wait until they feel like writing.

Who can come to the Writing Café? The Writing Café is open to faculty, researchers, and anyone else writing for publication.

What do I need to bring? Bring your writing projects, your research notes, and your laptop or just a pad of paper. If coffee or tea helps, bring that, too. Plan to spend the time making progress on your writing goals: finishing a partially finished manuscript; revising a finished manuscript; planning your next manuscript. You’re welcome to work on personal or professional writing projects.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Wilson at the Center for Teaching & Learning’s Writing Center, (215) 503-0441 or