What Determines Impact in Today’s Publishing World?

The rapid increase in the number of open access and subscription-based journals can make it hard for researchers to select which one is right for publishing their research. Adding to their decision-making angst, researchers want to publish in journals that will get their work noticed by respected peers and cited in the literature. In short, they not only want to publish their work, they want to do so in a way that maximizes its impact.

Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t always mean publishing in journals with a high impact factor (the number that reflects the average number of times articles published in the journal past in the two years have been cited in the Journal Citation Reports). Specialty journals that lack high impact factors may reach target readers better than broad journals, for instance. In today’s publishing environment, impact can also emerge in less traditional ways, such from the number of page views and downloads and the number of mentions in social media.

Attend the High Impact Publishing Workshop, 10/26

The role of impact in today’s publishing world is the focus of an upcoming CTL workshop. “High Impact Publishing” will be led by Jen Fisher Wilson, MS, ELS, medical writer and editor at the CTL, and Dan Kipnis, MSI, editor of Jefferson Digital Commons and Senior Education Librarian at the CTL and Scott Memorial Library. They will discuss the persistent influence of the impact factor as well as explore ways to enhance the impact of research, no matter where it is published.

The workshop is scheduled for: Wednesday, October 26, from 10am - 11am in Jefferson Alumni Hall, Room M13. Register now.