Learning Management System Vendor Demonstrations

It doesn’t seem like four years since our last Learning Management System (LMS) review, but it has been that long--and the competition has increased in the interim. While we still have a year and a half on our current Blackboard license, now is the time to look at alternatives so we can properly budget for a transition if one is desired by the community. The Educational Technology Advisory Committee and Center for Teaching and Learning have reduced the selection pool to three vendors that can match our current features or offer more. Each is trying to demonstrate how their solution helps students learn while making instructional delivery easier for faculty.

Each vendor will present their LMS on site. East Falls will have the demo in the morning and Center City in the afternoon. We will record the Center City presentations with Panopto in case you’re unable to attend and would still like to review it. The presentations are open to all Jefferson faculty, staff and students. (You’re welcome even if you can only attend part of the presentation.) Following each presentation we will have an online survey to collect opinions and ratings on each product.

While rebuilding a course entirely will allow you to take full advantage of any new features, each vendor does offer an import tool from our current LMS. We will work with the vendors to set up a demonstration site where they will have two or three courses imported from each campus to see what a direct import looks like. On the demonstration site you’ll be able to add/edit content, build assessments, and view how the system works from both an instructor and student view.


LMS: Schoology for Higher Education (Held February 2nd)
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LMS: Blackboard Learn Ultra (Held February 9th)
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Date: Wednesday, February 28 (NOTE: Revised time and location)
Canvas by Instructure
East Falls / morning
Center City (Scott Library 306) / 1:30 – 3:30PM 

Visit the vendor sites to learn more: