JIB Industry Services

Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing is your CDMO+ partner for:

  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Customized training and workforce development  

JIB Process Capability

JIB offers a broad range of customized trainings in commercial single-use processing equipment to advance the skills and knowledge of scientists, engineers, and technicians who work in process development and biomanufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and biologics. Through its 25,000 sq. ft. fully flexible state-of-the-art facility, JIB is able to provide truly tactile training by combining interactive presentations, workshops, hands-on lab, and pilot-scale experience. Training subjects include all unit operations and topics critical to industry success – upstream, downstream, analytics, quality, regulatory, and process design.

JIB offers:

  • Customized hands-on training of industry professionals offering certificates through tactile education
  • Training courses at all levels, from introductory and advanced to cross-training courses
  • IP-friendly industry-sponsored process development and technology evaluation
  • Partnering with public and private organizations on grant-funded research and workforce development projects
  • Credential programs leading to qualifications  

Industry Course Offerings

  • Upstream and Downstream Operations
  • Scale Up/Scale Down
  • Quality and Regulatory Compliance
  • Continuous Bioprocessing
  • Single Use Technologies
  • Quality by Design and Design of Experiments
  • Process Modeling and Process Integration
  • Analytical Methods and Applications
  • Process Tech Transfer, Qualification, and Validation
  • Aseptic Process and Cleaning Operations

For customized training packages, please contact:

Aldo Romano
Email: Aldo.Romano@jefferson.edu
Phone: 717-317-7996