Alumni Profiles: Alicia Pinckney, BS ’13 Fashion Design

Alicia Pinckney, BS ’13 Fashion Design
Global Women’s Senior Apparel Designer at Timberland

Originally from West Philadelphia, and currently based in Switzerland, Alicia’s career has allowed her to call five cities and three countries home. Her foundation in sewing, art, and fashion, and with love of sneakers and sport, led to a career in lifestyle menswear apparel in the footwear industry.

After graduating from PhilaU, she won the first place scholarship sponsored by Vogue Italia, and pursued a master’s degree in Milan, Italy, at Domus Academy. With 10 years’ experience designing menswear through PVH, Stone Island, Adidas-SLD, and Timberland, Alicia recently accepted a promotion to lead, design, and grow all of Timberland's women’s apparel business unit.

Outside of her career, Alicia’s most recent passion project is the Black Talent in Design and Fashion Fund (BTDF), a scholarship and mentorship program for students of color studying to enter the footwear and fashion industry. So far, BTDF has partnered with big brands to be able to award a scholarship to 15 students since the launch in 2020

Alicia’s Social Handles: @love_pinck@blacktalentfund