I Like to Move it: How to Get Back to Exercising Safely

Have you been taking a break from working out? Do you want to return to the gym? Are you planning to jump back into your old routines?

Navigating your re-entry into an exercise regimen can be difficult, and if not correctly done, may lead to injury.

In an exclusive online talk for Jefferson, Textile, and Philadelphia University alumni, a panel of faculty members from Jefferson’s Department of Exercise Science provides their best tips for how you can safely reintroduce different workouts into your routine, including running, resistance training, and more!

Featured Panelists:

Ricker Adkins, DAT, LAT, ATC
Coordinator of Clinical Education
Division of Athletic Training

Kelly Pagnotta, PhD, LAT, ATC, PES
Assistant Professor and Program Director
Division of Athletic Training

Erin Pletcher PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Assistant Professor
Division of Athletic Training

Stephen J. Thomas, PhD, ATC
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Exercise Science

Whether you are training for an upcoming event, trying to get back in shape, or looking to begin a formal exercise routine for the first time, you’ll learn how you can prepare your body, prevent injury, and train your mind to stay motivated.