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Paleo vs. Plant-based: Food Fads or True Disease Fighting Tools?

The Paleo Diet is currently one of the most popular eating plans in the United States, yet there is an upsurge in the call for transitioning to a more plant-based diet. Proponents for both diets claim that their health benefits range from weight loss to healing of autoimmune disease. What are the benefits and what might just be a fad?

Join Jefferson, Textile, and Philadelphia University alumni as Reina Marino, PhD, physician at Th e Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson Health, explores the theories behind The Paleo Diet and plant-based diets and how they differ from other dietary interventions. She will review the evidence for their effectiveness and discuss their possible risks and downsides.

Understand the complex effects of “going Paleo,” plant-based nutrition, and other dietetic factors impacting your physical wellness.