Alumni Host Program

Participating in the Host Program is a great way for alumni to reconnect and give back to their alma mater and also see the caliber of students at the Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

Medical student indebtedness can be overwhelming. By taking part in the Host Program you help students with the burden of their residency interviews. Whether it’s a home cooked meal or a ride to the airport or an overnight stay at your home, your participation goes a long way in assisting our students through this challenging time.

The Host Program does not only benefit our students, it also benefits our alumni. For alumni who live far away or have limited time to offer, this is an excellent opportunity to volunteer and stay engaged with Thomas Jefferson University and its current students. Alumni hosts will share their experiences and insights, and in exchange the students can offer their unique perspectives and updates on the medical college.

If you are interested in participating in the Host Program, please complete the Alumni Registration Form.

Students have residency interviews all over the country and alumni volunteers are needed all over the country to meet their requests. However, we are especially in need of alumni hosts in the following areas: New York, Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and California.

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