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March 30-April 7, 2022 | Solo-friendly!

Apulia–Undiscovered Italy

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

Experience an easy-going, languid lifestyle in Italy’s Apulia region, where Mediterranean meals are savored slowly amidst olive groves, ancient seaports, and timeless villages. Spend seven nights in seaside Polignano a Mare, and venture out each day to enjoy the unique character that defines Apulia, the heel of Italy’s boot.

There is no single supplement for solo travelers on this tour.

Southwest National Parks
April 11-19, 2022 | Solo-friendly!

Dutch Waterways

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

See the Netherlands and Belgium brilliantly revealed as you glide along scenic waterways during this seven-night river cruise. Explore Amsterdam, Bruges, and Antwerp plus discover what’s blooming at Floriade Expo 2022, the internationally famous, once-in-a-decade horticultural festival! Follow your passions with included excursion choices. View renowned works by Dutch masters, bicycle through villages, or savor Belgian chocolate.

There is no single supplement for solo travelers on this tour.

Southwest National Parks
May 11-19, 2022

Southwest National Parks

Trip Operator: Orbridge

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the American Southwest, discovering the geological wonders of our national parks, including visits to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. Millions of years of uplift and erosion have left a spectacular, monumental imprint across America’s Southwest plateau.

Go where hoodoos, slot canyons, arches, buttes, and mesas fill vast horizons with impossible beauty; and learn about the Americans of “Red Rock Country” who shaped our nation’s history.

Douro River
May 20-31, 2022

Romance of the Douro River

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

The romantic splendor of the Douro River is yours to enjoy on this spectacular journey. Stay in lively Lisbon, packed with maritime legacies and historic charms; visit colorful Porto; and cruise along the revered Douro River. Along the way, you’ll learn about the Alto Douro’s winemaking history, witness the elegance of Salamanca, Spain, and explore charming villages with stories to share. These experiences and more await on this sun-kissed sojourn! 

June 12-20, 2022 | Solo-friendly!

Alsace–Fairytale France

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

Tucked between the magnificent Vosges mountains and the Black Forest lies a region brimming with dramatic beauty, incredible gastronomy, and endearing old-world villages. This is France’s charismatic Alsace region, known for its blend of German and French traditions and fascinating heritage. From our base in Colmar, we'll journey through scenery plucked from a fairytale to uncover Alsace's proud identity and romantic charms. Visit dynamic Strasbourg, multicultural Basel, and whimsical towns along the Alsatian Wine Route. Along the way, savor divine cuisine and superlative wines, and learn about the region’s illustrious past.

There is no single supplement for solo travelers on this tour.

July 29-August 5, 2022

Discover Southeast Alaska (Juneau to Sitka)

Trip Operator: Orbridge

The unyielding forces of nature are on full display throughout Alaska's Inside Passage. Mountains erode by the crushing force of massive glaciers, icebergs drift across aquamarine waters, and the life cycles of flora and fauna are compressed into the scant weeks of an arctic summer. During this expedition cruise, navigate narrow channels and waterways with skilled naturalists at your side—ready to encounter Alaska's abundant wildlife, breathtaking peaks and fjords, and ice-blue glaciers of unfathomable proportions.

August 5-15, 2022

Kenya Safari: The Big 5

Trip Operator: Orbridge

Spot for the "Big 5" during this 11-day journey featuring unparalleled access to Kenya's national parks, reserves, and conservancies. Along with the guidance of an Orbridge Expedition Leader and remarkable accommodations, this adventure provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the spectacular array of wildlife in this part of the world.

August 10-16, 2022

Discover the Canadian Rockies by Rail

Trip Operator: Orbridge

On board Rocky Mountaineer's all-dome fleet, travel through otherwise inaccessible terrain to unlock the unparalleled beauty of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Canadian Rockies. Journey through inspiring mountain vistas, and revel in the grand landscapes of some of Canada’s most remarkable national parks.

September 2-11, 2022

Greece–Athens & Kalamata

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

Join our eight-night adventure in Athens and the Peloponnese, a land shaped by Greece’s famous myths and city-states. Imagine ancient urban life as you amble through ruins of great cities. Soak up the ambiance of Mystras, a stunning Byzantine city, and explore Olympia, the birthplace of the modern Olympics. Learn how olives and their rich, green oil seep into every aspect of Greek life. Experience the timeless traditions of winemaking (and tasting!) and folk dancing. In the evenings, live like a local: stroll along sidewalks adorned with magenta bougainvillea blossoms, savor an alfresco meal and capture memories of a lifetime.

September 10-18, 2022 | Solo-friendly!

Flavors of Northern Italy

Trip Operator: Orbridge

Join our small group for a nine-day journey to the culinary and cultural heart of Northern Italy—a region brimming with exquisite local wines, specialty ingredients, soul-satisfying signature dishes, and the wonderful Italians who conjure them with time-honored techniques.

There is no single supplement for solo travelers on this tour.

October 6-17, 2022

Wonders of Peru featuring an Amazon Cruise & Machu Picchu

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

Venture off on an exciting journey to Peru! Make memories trekking in the Amazonian jungle, on Andean peaks and highlands, and in colonial cities, as you celebrate the rain forest’s biodiversity, the ancient Incas, and contemporary Peruvian culture. Take in mystical Machu Picchu and wander among impressive Inca ruins. While cruising the Amazon Basin, delight in the abundance of wildlife as you skim along waterways in skiff boats.

October 14-22, 2022

Florence in the Serene Season

Trip Operator: AHI Travel

Experience the true essence of beautiful Florence during a quieter time of year on this seven-night, small-group journey! Stroll through the city’s intimate streets and romantic piazzas, a veritable outdoor museum of Renaissance glories, and take more time to enjoy Michelangelo’s David and the Uffizi’s priceless art without the high-season crowds. Admire the eye-catching, ornate Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, topped by Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome, and cross the Arno River by way of the Ponte Vecchio. 

October 18-24, 2022

Toronto to Vancouver by Rail

Trip Operator: Orbridge

Discover the majestic beauty of Canada on a nostalgic rail journey that brings back the golden age of train travel. Leave the city center behind and glide through amazing scenery featuring rugged lake country, gentle prairie fields, picturesque towns, and the snowy peaks of the magnificent Rockies. In addition to marveling at diverse landscapes, this restful and entertaining journey provides delicious meals to savor and is a wonderful opportunity to experience the vastness of Canada in one unforgettable trip. 

October 25-November 1, 2022

Galápagos Islands–Western Itinerary

Trip Operator: Orbridge

Join us as we explore the Galápagos Islands. Designated as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, the Galápagos Islands have been described as a “unique living museum and showcase of evolution.” They are home to a fascinating array of wildlife inhabiting an unspoiled ecosystem, living in harmony with their human visitors.