Jefferson College of Life Sciences


The Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences* Alumni Association represents more than 2,000 graduates. All JCBS and, now JCLS, alumni become members of the association upon graduation.  By staying engaged with Jefferson, you will find opportunities to connect with classmates and faculty, mentor current students and shape your career path.

*As of July 1, the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences has been renamed the Jefferson College of Life Sciences, and now offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Elected Members

Michael S. Blank, PhD, FACB [Physiology ’76] President
Matthew Colombo, PhD [Immunology ’11]
James Foley, PhD [Physiology ’76] Secretary
Elaine Z. Francis, PhD [Anatomy ’78] President-Elect
Tom Knudsen, PhD [Anatomy ‘81]
Crystal Kraft, PhD [Cell & Developmental Biology ‘16]
Michael J. Powell, PhD [Genetics ‘11]
Kevin Renahan, MS [Pharmacology ‘11]
Nicholas Siciliano, PhD [Immunology & Microbial Pathology ‘15] Treasurer
Adam E Snook, PhD [Immunology ‘08]
Pooja Talati, PhD [Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology ‘15]
Aubrey Watkins III, PhD [Pharmacology ’02]

Emeritus Members 

Steven W. Bass, PhD [Pharmacology ‘70]
Fredda London, PhD [Biochemistry ‘87]
Jonni S. Moore, PhD [Microbiology & Molecular Virology ’84] 
Michael Rieders, PhD [Pharmacology ’85]
Leonard M. Rosenfeld, PhD [Physiology ’64]
Kristy Shuda McGuire, MS, PhD [Genetics ’09]
Robert L. Siegel, PhD [Biochem. & Mol. Bio ’82] 
Anthony Torre, III [Biomedical Chemistry ‘98]

Non-Board Committee Members

Allison Beal, PhD [Immunology ’09]
Sanjoy “Biz” Biswas, M.S. [Pharmacology ‘97]
Christine Fischer, PhD Candidate
David Zuzga, PhD [Genetics ‘08]