JCLS Alumni

JCLS Alumni Association

The Jefferson College of Life Sciences (JCLS) Alumni Association represents more than 2,500 graduates. All alumni of JCLS (formerly the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences) programs, including Philadelphia University legacy programs, become members of the Association upon graduation.

By staying engaged with Jefferson, you will find opportunities to connect with classmates and faculty, mentor current students, and shape your career path.


  • Elaine Z. Francis, PhD '78 Anatomy
    President & Chair, Bylaws Committee
  • Nicholas Siciliano, PhD '15 Immunology & Microbial Pathology
    Vice President & Chair, Alumni Awards Committee
  • James Foley, PhD '76 Physiology

Alumni Representatives

  • Lisa M. Ambrose-Lanci, PhD '09 Molecular Cell Biology
  • Pooja (Talati) Bhavsar, PhD '15 Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
    Chair, Nominating Committee
  • Michael S. Blank, PhD '79 Physiology, FACB
    Immediate Past President & Chair, Strategic Initiatives Committee
  • Tom Knudsen, PhD '81 Anatomy
  • Crystal Kraft, PhD '16 Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Michael A. Matrone, BS '02 Biology, PhD
  • Michael J. Powell, PhD '11 Genetics
  • Kevin Renahan, MS '11 Pharmacology
  • Adam E. Snook, PhD '08 Immunology