SKMC Alumni Bulletin

Seeing the Holistic Picture

Birgit Rakel, MD, has heard it all. “Voodoo.” “Fringe.” “Weird medicine.” 

Rakel is an integrative medicine specialist—a board-certified family medicine physician who uses complementary therapies to enhance the health and well-being of her patients.

Jefferson Reacts to Hahnemann’s Closure

Faculty and staff respond to what the closure means for them, for Jefferson, and for Philadelphia.

Know Thy Self

The trouble with cancer is that it’s you. From an immunological standpoint, it’s not a foreign body, but rather a bit of self that has grown wildly, dangerously out of order.

A Sharper Image

Using cutting-edge imaging technology, Andrew Newberg, MD, and Jefferson’s Integrative Health team are developing a better understanding of complex neurological problems.

The Father of Battlefield Medicine

Class of 1849 graduate Jonathan Letterman, MD, is celebrated for his medical innovations during the civil war

The Dean’s Column: The 195th Commencement of SKMC

You’re off to see the world! As you set sail, two seemingly simple messages about seeing: see more; see openly.

A Message From Elizabeth A. Dale: Reimagine Jefferson

On July 1, 1969, Thomas Jefferson University came into being, a reimagining of the original Jefferson Medical College.