Thomas Jefferson University

Partner Schools & Transfer Equivalency

Transfer Equivalency/General Agreements

Thomas Jefferson University has general agreements with more than forty partner schools. These flexible agreements allow students to begin their education at the school of their choice and take the courses they want, including the prerequisites they need for Thomas Jefferson University.

The letters after each school's name describe the type of partnership we have.

  • GA: General agreement
  • ACA: Articulated curriculum agreement *
* ACAs apply to the Couple & Family Therapy, Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnologies, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Sciences and Pharmacy programs.

General Agreement (GA) Only

GA & Articulated Curriculum Agreement (ACA)

Articulated Curriculum Agreements by College

Articulated curriculum agreements allow students to plan a seamless transition into upper division graduate programs at Thomas Jefferson University while still in high school or during the freshman year in college.

  • Students apply for admission just once using the partner school application. An admissions committee will conduct an interview and decide on acceptable candidates.
  • Students take a specified curriculum at the partner school and maintain a required GPA.
  • Students earn a bachelor's degree from the partner school and a graduate with a degree from Thomas Jefferson University.