Thomas Jefferson University

Social Science

At Jefferson, a transdisciplinary education in the College of Humanities & Sciences will enable you to explore the overlap between society and the world. Whether you’re studying the science of communication, the interaction between law and the people governed by it, or the mechanics of human thought, you’ll see how the human element intersects with every area of study.

Arlen Specter Center

Arlen Specter Center for Public Service

Here, you’ll participate in programs that facilitate and promote public service and civic education in a cross-disciplinary, nonpartisan setting.


How Do We Decolonize African Studies?

Marcella McCoy-Deh, PhD, associate professor of American Studies in Jefferson’s College of Humanities and Science, dedicates her research to building concrete steps to decolonize African scholarship. Currently, she is exploring how to ensure that students of African Studies learn about the African experience with materials from African scholars, as opposed to curricula that are dominated by European and/or colonial perspectives. 


What Can Sports Reveal About America?

Dr. Kevin Thompson shares the lessons he’s learned by studying the connection between sports, politics and culture in American society.


Alumni Makes His Mark on Capitol Hill

Didier Barjon ‘14 heads the Congressional Black Associates group and recently started working in U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office. Taking courses in the Law & Society program led him to create a blueprint for his path forward into the U.S. Senate offices.