What if we didn’t just rely on the typical way forward? What if, rather than the vertical thinking that takes problems head-on, we could solve them with a radically different approach? That’s exactly what we do. At the new Jefferson – born out of the merger of Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University – you will collaborate with your peers across disciplines and redraw the limits and slice through every standard and norm that exists. Because that’s where the greatest human advancements are made. We believe that it is at the intersection of thinking, doing and the inclusion of varied perspectives that you will discover new possibilities for the world. You will redefine humanly possible, giving you the competitive advantage employers are seeking.    


A Degree That's Never Been Done

At Jefferson, we are forward-thinking by design.  You can study medicine, fashion, engineering, law and more, with the freedom to explore the intersections between disciplines to prepare you for what’s yet to come.  

Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson

Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson provides academically talented, driven and intellectually curious students substantive experiences in professional and multi-disciplinary tracks. 

Areas of Interest

Our core programs—or Areas of Interest—drive students beyond the traditional limits of academics to inspire change and test just how far we can take what we know.

High School Courses

What's Next Won't Wait

Through programs like Future Health Professionals, SummerScience@Jefferson and Nursing STEP-UP, Jefferson prepares you for a head start in higher education. 


Study Abroad

Discover an increasingly independent world by studying the fashion industry in Italy, healthcare in Costa Rica, business in China and so much more. Learn how far a Jefferson education can take you.