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Student Discussion

Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson University homepage for the College Catalog and Handbooks. The handbook is a collection of policies that relate to student life at Thomas Jefferson University. These policies govern academic activities, explain expectations for membership in the university community, and provide resources for health and safety. 

Student Discussion

Academic Policies

Academic policies and procedures at Jefferson are either university or college/school based. Click Academic Policies below to find undergraduate policies, graduate policies, and links to college/school based handbooks.   


Rights & Responsibilities

The University is committed to providing an atmosphere of academic freedom where students can achieve academic success and personal growth. The policies found in Rights & Responsibilities embody this commitment and establish certain guidelines to create a safe environment which promotes the free and open exchange of ideas for all community members. Students are responsible for knowing their rights and responsibilities stated within the Community Standards.

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Health & Safety

The University is committed to the health and safety of our students. The policies found in Health and Safety embody this commitment.