Philadelphia University Honors Institute at Thomas Jefferson University

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a platform for academically high-achieving students to discover and pursue academic and pre-professional interests, as well as develop leadership skills within an intellectually dynamic and socially vibrant community. 

Who We Are

Honors at Jefferson is a community of students, staff and faculty committed to lifelong learning, academic excellence, creative inquiry and community service.

We Value

We value collaborative opportunities that promote the development of:

  • Curiosity to pursue your own QUESTIONs,
  • Empathy to ADAPT with respect to diverse perspectives,
  • Confidence to ACT and apply knowledge in real-world conditions, and
  • Courage to CONTRIBUTE ideas that make a difference.

Physician Assistant Major, Spanish Minor from Pottsville, PA

Student Spotlight

Brittany Buleza, Class of 2019

“I chose to participate in the Honors Institute to enrich my time at Jefferson. During my sophomore year I was the vice president of the Honors Student Association (HSA).

"Jefferson offers many engaging honors courses which deep-dive into issues general courses only touch upon. Aside from the classroom, the Honors Institute challenged me to advance professionally and contribute to my community. To complete cornerstones, I have gained lab skills and experience by researching at Lankenau Institute for Medical Research. I was also motivated to earn my Certified Nurse Aide license, which I used to gain patient contact and workplace experience. Additionally, the Honors Institute inspired me to give back to the Philadelphia community by volunteering at Helping Hand Rescue Mission. Here, I have gained new perspectives, and I plan to continue volunteering at this institution for many years to come. 

"I have had a wonderful experience progressing through the Honors curriculum and cornerstones. By participating in Jefferson’s Honors Institute, not only am I more confident, but I have also created lasting relationships, gained work experience, and improved my leadership abilities.”