Philadelphia University Honors Institute at Thomas Jefferson University

Admission Requirements

Honors students are those students who lead – they challenge themselves academically, they engage with the larger University community, and they lean forward into industry as they pursue an elite professional education. As we endeavor to admit our next class of Honors students, we look for candidates who may exhibit one or more of the following:

  • A dedication to a rich academic life
  • Exceptional leadership qualities
  • Special talents and skills
  • A commitment to community
  • Unique life experiences
  • A global perspective
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • An entrepreneurial and innovative spirit

Honors Institute students are selected through the Admissions Application process. As applicants are reviewed for admission to Jefferson, some students may emerge as clear Honors candidates based upon a comprehensive review of the materials submitted in their University admissions application. Factors considered include academic achievements such as high school coursework, cumulative grade point average and standardized test results. Demonstrated accomplishments and experiences outside the classroom are also recognized. These students are notified of their acceptance into Honors at the same time they receive their acceptance to the University.

Honors Academic Standing

Each semester, Honors students must make satisfactory progress toward completion of their Honors requirements to remain in good standing in the Honors Institute. Specific GPA requirements depend upon the student’s year of entry into the Honors Institute and are available in the Honors Institute Office. Students who do not make satisfactory academic progress in a given semester will be placed on Honors Academic Probation and allowed a subsequent semester to meet requirements established in consultation with an academic advisor. Students who fail to meet the Honors Academic Probation requirements will be dismissed from the Honors Institute.

Graduation Acknowledgement

Students who complete the Philadelphia University Honors Institute at Thomas Jefferson University curriculum will receive:

  • The Philadelphia University Honors Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Certificate
  • The Honors Stole
  • The Honors Medallion
  • Recognition at the Honors Senior Farewell Celebration
  • Recognition in Commencement Program
  • Honors indicated on the transcript


The Honors Institute provides robust co-curricular programming that enhances our students’ academic experiences. Examples of such activities and events include:

  • First Year Pinning Ceremony
  • Honors Freshmen Welcome Activities
  • Fulbright Information Session
  • Spring trip (Bus trip to NYC/DC or Great Hostel Give Back)
  • HSA/Nominations for Board
  • Honors Accepted Student Dinners
  • HSA/Elections meeting
  • Northeast Regional Honors Conference

Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association (H.S.A.) provides Honors students a supportive means of becoming involved in Honors and other on-campus activities, starting in freshman year. The H.S.A. offers leadership opportunities and assists with the planning of activities and events that expose Honors Institute students to a variety of campus activities and the rich culture of the Greater Philadelphia area. The H.S.A. is a great way to socialize with Honors students and other classmates across all years and majors. To contact the H.S.A., please send a message to

Honors Student Association Executive Board

  • President—Shreya Shah
  • Vice President—Jennifer Tran
  • Secretary—Purva Salvi
  • Treasurer—Ankitha Gundala
  • Social Media—Diya Shah