Philadelphia University Honors Institute at Thomas Jefferson University

Cornerstones Information

The Cornerstones are an important component of the experience of Honors Institute students. Below, please find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Cornerstones. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Cornerstones FAQ

Required co-curricular activities built around the Core Values of the Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson experience.


  • CONTRIBUTE - Courage to contribute ideas that make a difference
  • ADAPT - Empathy to adapt with respect to diverse perspectives
  • QUESTION - Curiosity to pursue your own questions
  • ACT - Confidence to act and apply knowledge in real world conditions

  1. Select an opportunity or project – for ideas, visit Student Engagement/ 3rd floor of Kanbar
  2. Complete any requisite steps/paperwork
  3. Sign up/ Enroll using the Honors Cornerstone Application
  4. Responsibly complete your 20 hours
  5. Complete the reflective prompts related to the Cornerstone

Try to complete one per year. Evaluate your commitments to determine what will work best for you.

  • Campus organizations/ clubs
  • Campus opportunities
  • Industry/Major projects
  • Special projects with Faculty
  • Conference presentations
  • Course projects
  • Research/ Independent study
  • Fulbright Application Submission
  • Philadelphia area/University affiliated sites
  • Honors initiatives
  • Honors Student Association initiatives
  • Your community at home

  • Service to Honors Community
  • Honors Student Association Officer
  • Campus Community Service
  • SGA/ Class Officer
  • Organization Officer/ Committee Chair
  • Alternative Spring Break Service Trip
  • SERVE 101
  • P.U.M.P. – UP
  • Honors Residence Liaison
  • Big Brother Big Sister volunteer
  • Hosteling trip
  • Other

  • Semester Abroad/ STUAB 302
  • Study Away
  • Global Brigades
  • Multicultural Org Partnership
  • H.S.A. Committee Chair
  • Nexus Abroad
  • ASL Club (American Sign Language)
  • Interdisciplinary project
  • Language course
  • Other relevant opportunities

  • Internship
  • Shadow
  • Toastmasters
  • LEAD
  • Club Officer
  • Prof. Org Student Membership
  • Professional Training
  • Resident Assistant
  • Professional certification (CNA, EMT, etc.)
  • Preceptorship
  • Red Cross certification
  • Sigma Xi Conference presentation
  • NRHC presentation
  • FASHMGT Immersion course

  • Conference Activity
  • Industry / Major Project
  • Fulbright Application Submission
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Independent Research
  • Independent Study
  • Graduate Course
  • Publication
  • Other

YES!!! Examples of summer options include:

  • ADAPT: Global Bridges, Nexus Abroad
  • ACT: Internship, Toastmasters, Professional Certification
  • QUESTION: Research, Fulbright Application

20 hours in your selected activity that require you to perform and reflect on the Cornerstone’s core value.

Usually not, but can be fulfilled within classes (e.g., Fashion Immersion, Ethnographic Methods). They are applied to your transcript once earned.

Enrollment is rolling remaining open to allow for opportunities presented year-round.

There are two steps to enroll:

  1. Download the enrollment application (PDF)
  2. Email the completed form with the Subject line: Enroll me_[CONTRIBUTE/ACT/QUESTION/ADAPT]_"Your Activity" to:

There are two steps to submit your Reflection:

  1. Download the appropriate Reflection form on our Downloadable Forms page and follow the prompts to complete the reflection
  2. Email the completed Reflection to: with the Subject line: Reflection_[ADAPT]. Please make sure your Reflection has your name + [ADAPT] in the header.

Cornerstones Reflections Quotes

"I learned from working with this community...patience and how to properly listen…"

"...Taught me important communication skills and responsibilities…"

"Getting involved was the best decision I made in college, and I encourage my peers to do the same."

"Students are the influencers of the University - student engagement and community…"

"Volunteering with children...Students looked up to me as a role model."

"...we were prepared for all the questions directed to us."

"I was able to write my story with conviction….Gave me more confidence in my work."

"Presenting at the symposium gave me the chance to see what the expectations are of me in the professional environment."

"I learned that, in order to be a scientist, you must expand your knowledge through speaking with others in your field."

"Even though our study did not produce the results we hoped for, we were confident with the work we completed."