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  • College of Humanities & Sciences

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Bachelor of Science

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Name: Evan Laine, JD, MA
  • Director & Associate Professor, Law & Society Program
  • Director, Arlen Specter Center
Position: Law & Society Program
Telephone: 215-951-2768


Telephone: 215-951-2800

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What is the Law & Society Program?

We investigate issues and institutions through the lenses of law, sociology, criminology, psychology, ethics, economics, culture, science, history, politics and political science. We build critical thinking skills and communications skills while we effectively debate. We actively examine legal systems, courts and conceptions of justice and human rights within both the American and international contexts. We examine and discover the reliable evidence while weeding through the false narratives and fake news.

Jefferson BS in Law & Society Program

Jefferson's Law and Society is a superior program, but in our program we don't make claims, we prove them. Learn more about what our students and alumni have to say.

In the Law and Society Program you will:

  • explore your interests in mock trials  and moot court
  • lead current event discussions during the Roxboro Roundtables national podcasts
  • write for the widely read Digital Voice the Law & Society Journal
  • express your political opinions if not host your own show on  multiple media outlets including WPHU
  • experience real world internships in Congress, the US Senate, the GOP, the DNC, the UN, FBI, ATF, the Prosecutor’s Office, law offices and non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the unfortunate and protecting civil rights

Recent News

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Law and society program director breaks down Section 230 debate.

Alumnus Makes His Mark on Capitol Hill

Didier Barjon '14, heads the Congressional Black Associates group, and is making his mark on capitol hill working in U.S. Sn. Chuck Schumer's office.

Employment Opportunities

Armed with superior writing and arguing skills, our students...

  • are successful lawyers having graduated top tier law schools
  • serve as law enforcement officers on the local, state and federal levels
  • work as paralegals
  • earn MBAs and work in industry and non-profit organization
  • are entrepreneurs
  • serve as legislative aides to the US Congress and Senate
  • earn degrees in psychology and counseling
  • become college administrators and teachers
Congratulatory handshake following an engaging Moot Court competition debating Fourth Amendment rights. Congratulatory handshake following an engaging Moot Court competition debating Fourth Amendment rights.

Student Resources

Students can utilize the resources offered by the program to advance their education and future career.