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Name: Evan Laine, JD, MA
Position: Director & Associate Professor, Law & Society Program and Director, Arlen Specter Center, Law & Society Program
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Jefferson's Law and Society is a superior program, but in our program we don't make claims, we prove them. Learn about what our students and alumni have to say.

“There is a sense of freedom in Law and Society classes. We always have an opportunity to add our personal opinions and thoughts. I have never experienced such a class in college.  Everyone is an individual, and shares their ideas, and it makes the class more interesting; no one is forced or persuaded to conform – you just have to be able to defend your opinions logically.”
    — Law and Society Student, Class of 2016

“The professors really get all the students involved.  I like how they take a step back when the class gets a good debate going so we can discuss amongst ourselves.  They help us see all angles of a topic by throwing in some questions or contrasting opinions, so we can really search ourselves for what we think is right.”
    — Law and Society Student, Class of 2015

“The program’s method of interactive learning helps much more than any lecture I’ve ever been in.  Being involved as a class helps us relate to the topic and gives us a much better understanding of complex material.”
    — Law and Society Student, Class of 2014

“I thoroughly enjoy the course, especially the teaching style.  We have many different readings, and get to break them down and evaluate them in class.  This is informative and understandable, and creates a comfortable learning environment.”
    — Law and Society Student, Class of 2014

“Once again, thank you for everything.  I got a paper back today, and I wanted to show to you the results.  It was based primarily on advice and critiques you gave me in the past.  I’m so appreciative of the reading and writing assignments we had – They are seriously paying off in law school.”
    — Law and Society Alum, Class of 2012


Law and Society Students

Feedback from some of our beginners.  Students in in Law 101 interviewed each other about the program, this is what they said (Unedited and unrewarded.)