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High School/College Advisors & Transfer Counselors

General Agreements (2+2, 3+1, 3+2 pathways)

Jefferson has general agreements with forty partner schools. These flexible agreements allow students to begin their education at a College of their choice and take the courses they want, including the prerequisites they need for Jefferson.  Click here to see what courses can be transferred to Jefferson from a partner school


Articulated Curriculum Agreements (ACA)

Articulated curriculum agreements allow students to plan a seamless transition into upper division graduate programs at Jefferson while still in high school or during the freshman year in college.

  • Students apply for admission just once using the partner College application. A joint Jefferson/partner College admissions committee will conduct an interview and decide on acceptable candidates.
  • Students take a specified curriculum at the partner College and maintain a required GPA.
  • Students earn a bachelor's degree from the partner College and a graduate degree from Jefferson.

Articulated agreements are available for the following programs: 

On Campus

Leadership LIVE is a leadership development program for all Jefferson students that consists of workshops, special events, and community service opportunities. Learn more about Leadership LIVE on their website.

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