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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to Sidney Kimmel Medical College

The Sidney Kimmel Medical College participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications should be submitted to AMCAS between June 1 and November 15. The AMCAS application is available via the AMCAS web site at

Association of American Medical Colleges - Student Services, Washington, DC 20037-1300

Letters of recommendation are to be transmitted via AMCAS only. Please review with AMCAS their letter transmission policy at Do not submit letters of recommendation to Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

On receipt of the verified AMCAS application, Jefferson will send, via email, notification of receipt. Also included will be instructions for completing the Sidney Kimmel Medical College online secondary application with online payment capability. The Committee on Admissions will begin reviewing the application when all supplementary materials have been received including:

1) the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Secondary Application form
2) the non-refundable $80.00 application fee
3) MCAT scores, and
4) the required letters of recommendation

SNN/SSI numbers are required as they are essential for University Services and matriculation.

Processing of your application will begin after the receipt of your AMCAS application, SKMC secondary application, fee or AMCAS Fee Waiver and receipt of letters of recommendation. It can sometimes take six weeks to complete the processing of your application.

Click here to access our secondary online application. To complete the online secondary application, you were emailed a password and pin number. If you have misplaced these numbers, please contact the SKMC Office of Admissions at (215) 955-6983.

Generally SKMC prefers a composite letter written on behalf of the applicant by the college or university's pre-health committee, if there is one. Some schools do not provide this service but offer to collect individual letters of recommendation and mail them to the medical schools. If individual letters are sent, we prefer one biology, one chemistry and one physics and one humanities. You may direct exemption requests to the Committee on Admissions using the optional information section on the Secondary Application.

When all items on the status report have a date received, or a 'yes' indicated. Once all required items are in, your application is complete and will move to the Admissions Committee for review.

Invitations for interviews are extended between September and April. If you are granted an interview, you will receive an email notification from the Director of Admissions.

All interview decisions are mailed by March 31st.

To maintain the integrity of the admissions process at SKMC, all communications concerning your application, including the interview, should be forwarded to the attention of the Dean of Admissions.

No, the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required. SAT information provides additional information about standardized testing. Please view our Admissions Brochure.

The address you use will be for all official admissions correspondence.

Yes. You will be able to cut and paste your information into the SKMC supplemental application. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using Microsoft Word, then copy it into the application. Please be aware of our 4,000 character (including spaces) limit on additional information.

After you submit your SKMC Supplemental Application

You can also download the application and submit it through conventional mail, located here.

Changes to your application can only be submitted in writing. No online changes can occur.

The status page is designed for all applicants to see what stage your application is in during the processing phase. The page will indicate when your AMCAS application and SKMC supplemental application form and fee were received, when your MCAT test scores were received at SKMC from AMCAS and when your letters of recommendation were received.

Admissions Requirements

Academic excellence is expected of the applicants to Sidney Kimmel Medical College.
The Committee on Admissions looks for evidence of:

  • Integrity
  • Maturity
  • Humanitarian concerns
  • Leadership potential
  • An aptitude for working with people

In addition to the college record and MCAT scores, other factors considered include:

  • Out-of-classroom activities
  • Life experiences
  • Community work
  • Medically related activities
  • Comments contained in letter of evaluation are considered

Interviews are scheduled selectively.

Members of the 2015 SKMC entering class:

  • Average GPA: 3.7
  • Average MCAT scores were:
    • Verbal - 10
    • Physical Science - 11
    • Biological Science - 11
  • Come from over 112 undergraduate institutions
  • Come from 29 states and six other countries
  • The age at entrance ranged from 19-37
  • With an average age of 23
  • 50% female
  • 11% of the student body is from under-represented minority groups

SKMC graduates are located all over the U.S. For more information, see the Match List for the Class of 2015.

A bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university is required.

SKMC does not offer a formal post-baccalaureate course of study, but the Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences does offer a Post-Bacculaureate Pre-Professional Program for individuals seeking to complete their basic science requirements in order to prepare for entrance to medical school.

Scores should be no older than three years of the time of application.

Cooperative Programs

International Students

International students who have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in the United States or Canada, and have completed the requirements, are eligible to apply at SKMC. International students are judged by the same criteria as U.S. citizens.

Courses taken outside the U.S. or Canada cannot be used to fulfill requirements. Foreign students who do not have a baccalaureate degree from an institution in the United States or Canada are not accepted for admission.

Unfortunately, international students are not eligible to apply for financial scholarships and loans. We suggest you contact the Office of Financial Aid web site.

Requirements for admission are based on academic, non-academic and personal qualities, not nationality. Please see our web site for additional information under "Requirements for Admission".

Jefferson does not accept transfer applications from students enrolled in foreign medical schools. Only students currently enrolled in LCME accredited medical schools may apply for transfer.

In-State Students

No preference is given to state of residence, except for residents of the state of Delaware. Sidney Kimmel Medical College is the official medical school for the state of Delaware.

Combined Degree

Interested students to the combined MD/PhD program must 1) apply through AMCAS, 2) indicate Combined Degree application type, and 3) complete secondary application to the College of Medicine. The deadline for application to the MD/PhD program is November 1st.

Yes, the Jefferson Accelerated Program with Penn State University is for high school seniors only. Students earn both the BS and MD degrees in seven calendar years after graduation from high school. To apply, please contact Penn State at (814) 865-7620.