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JeffALERT Emergency Notification System

Jefferson is proud to provide students, faculty and staff with the JeffALERT Emergency Notification System. The system provides fast and efficient distribution of critical information during a major emergency.

With JeffALERT, the University can send simultaneous alerts in minutes through text messaging, voicemail and email to numerous devices such as cellular phones, landline phones, fax machines and PDAs.

The system, powered by MIR3™, a leader in intelligent notification solutions, provides our students, faculty and staff with an additional layer of security and protection in emergency response, in conjunction with our already established emergency communication methods, which include: University-wide broadcast emails, online updates via Pulse, public address systems and coordinated use of campus security and public media outlets.

The effectiveness of JeffALERT depends upon individuals providing accurate and up-to-date personal contact information. We urge you to regularly update this information so that the University can communicate with you in the event of an emergency.

It is also important to navigate through this site to familiarize yourself with how the JeffALERT system works, what you can expect when receiving notifications on various devices, and when the system will be used.

Please take a few minutes now to update your contact information by visiting the Registration Area on the left hand side. This area provides more detail about the online applications students, faculty and staff will use to update their contact information. The detail you provide in these systems is always secure and confidential.

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