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Paying Tuition

Paying Tuition

  • Tuition and Fee Information
  • Payments should be mailed to the following address:

    Thomas Jefferson University
    Student Accounts
    1020 Walnut Street, 521 Scott Building
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Pay via Master Card or VISA credit card on Banner Web. Go to menu item "Student and Financial Aid" and select "Student Account" then "Account Summary." The option to pay by credit card is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Pay through a monthly payment program. Go to the Tuition Management Systems web page and click the tab for "Payment Plans" or call Tuition Management Systems at (800) 356-8329 for more information.
  • If you have completed the required financial aid process and the award estimate for the term is sufficient to cover your tuition account balance, no payment must be made. If you have financial aid pending for a portion of your balance, then the segment not covered by financial aid must be remitted via one of the above methods.
  • If you have any questions about paying tuition, please contact the Tuition Office at
    215 503-7669 or by e-mail at

Tuition Paid by Thomas Jefferson University

A Tuition Assistance Application must be completed each semester if you are a full-time employee of the University and eligible to receive tuition benefits. This form may be obtained from the Department of Human Resources, 1st floor Martin Building. Completed forms, approved by the employee's Department Head, should be submitted to the following address: Employee Benefits Office, Human Resources Department, Room 109 Martin Building or Human Resources Department Employee Services, Room 2160 Gibbon Building. If an employee requires specific information about the tuition assistance program, contact the Employee Benefits Office at (215) 503-8100.

Tuition Paid by Student's Employer Other Than Thomas Jefferson University

A student may request deferment if participating in a tuition assistance program offered by an employer other than Thomas Jefferson University. To be eligible, a letter on employer's letterhead stating the student's name, the exact amount of the tuition assistance, and a statement that reimbursement will be made directly to Thomas Jefferson University within three weeks of the issuance of grades must be submitted to the Tuition Office, 521 Scott Building, 1020 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 no later than the due date for the tuition bill.

Applying for Financial Aid