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Manuel L. Covarrubias, MD, PhD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Dipeptidyl-peptidase-like proteins cast in a new role: Enabling scorpion toxin block of A-type K+ channels
  2. Insight into the modulation of Shaw2 Kv channels by general anesthetics: Structural and functional studies of S4-S5 linker and S6 C-terminal peptides in micelles by NMR
  3. Modeling-independent elucidation of inactivation pathways in recombinant and native A-type Kv channels
  4. Novel activation of voltage-gated K+ channels by sevoflurane
  5. Modulation of Kv3.4 channel N-type inactivation by protein kinase C shapes the action potential in dorsal root ganglion neurons
  6. Molecular mapping of general anesthetic sites in a voltage-gated ion channel
  7. Cortactin is required for N-cadherin regulation of Kv1.5 channel function
  8. Mechanisms of closed-state inactivation in voltage-gated ion channels
  9. Kv4 channels underlie the subthreshold-operating A-type K+-current in nociceptive dorsal root ganglion 111C neurons
  10. Alcohol and anesthetic action at the gate of a voltage-dependent K+ channel
  11. Molecular physiology and modulation of somatodendritic A-type potassium channels
  12. Allosteric modulation of a neuronal K+ channel by 1-alkanols is linked to a key residue in the activation gate
  13. Molecular features of an alcohol binding site in a neuronal potassium channel
  14. The link between ion permeation and inactivation gating of Kv4 potassium channels
  15. Remodelling inactivation gating of Kv4 channels by KChIP1, a small-molecular-weight calcium-binding protein
  16. Elimination of fast inactivation in Kv4 A-type potassium channels by an auxiliary subunit domain
  17. Kv4 channels exhibit modulation of closed-state inactivation in inside-out patches
  18. Potent inhibition of the aortic smooth muscle maxi-K channel by clinical doses of ethanol
  19. General anesthetic action at an internal protein site involving the S4- S5 cytoplasmic loop of a neuronal K+ channel
  20. Inactivation gating of Kv4 potassium channels: Molecular interactions involving the inner vestibule of the pore