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5 Years at A Glance

Brief description of the students responsibilities and goals beginning with:

Vasculitis Provided for us by
Dr. Renato V. Iozzo

Year 1 -   Initial Advisement by Program Director

  • GC550
  • 3 Lab Rotations
  • Lab rotation summary for each lab – due 2 weeks upon completion of rotation - 2 pages minimum- description of lab rotation –signed by rotation advisor handed into Sharon Egleston for Dr. Hoek's review and signature of approval.
  • Selection of research advisor and review of progress
  • Spring semester course
  • Seminars are mandatory throughout the graduate program       

Year 2 -    Laboratory Research and Advanced Coursework (Years 2 and beyond)

  • MD/PhD first year prelims with year 2 PhD students follow their timeline forward.
  • Fall Electives
  • Comprehensive Examination (end of yr 2)
  • Formation of Research Committee (End of Year 2; meets at least twice yearly

Year 3 -   Choose Thesis Committee by October 1

  • Thesis Proposal and propose November - December (Beginning of Year 3)
  • The faculty composition needs to be submitted to and approved by the CDB Executive Committee.
  •  You can submit the committee names to Sharon Egleston, who will forward the information to the Executive Committee for review.
  • Forms are used for both the chair and members of your committee to rate your standing.  These forms will be available online but in the meantime please request that Sharon emails them to you.

Year 4 -      From Here Forward

  • Students are still responsible for seminar presentations
  • From here on forward thesis committees meet twice a year.

Year 5 or final year

  • Thesis Defense
  • Submission of Final Thesis and Degree Completion Documents


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