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Academic Timetable/Calendar

Fall 2014/TBA


Spring I & II 2015/TBA


The University reserves the right to make changes to the academic calendar as circumstances may require.

Year 1

Take GC550 and receive a grade of B or better.  If grade is less than B, the student will repeat the entire course or just a specific section showing an unsatisfactory performance.

End of spring semester: Choose thesis advisor. Formulate thesis research project.

Year 2

Mid March       Last day to submit preliminary examination proposal abstract and aims.

April 1             Approval of preliminary exam topic by Curriculum Committee

April 22           Preliminary Exam proposal due

Mid May           Last day to take the preliminary examination.

End of May      Last day for remediation of preliminary exam deficiencies

End of June     Last day to form Thesis Research Committee.  Thesis Advisor cannot be the Committee Chair and one member must be from outside the department. Start to write thesis research proposal.

Year 3

End of September    Last day to submit thesis research proposal to committee members.

Mid October    Last day to have First Thesis Research Committee meeting.

Year 4 and beyond

Schedule two meetings with Thesis Research Committee. A Research in Progress presentation is not considered a committee meeting.