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Laboratory Rotations

Laboratory Rotations

Exposure to research begins during the first semester when the student, in consultation with the Program Director, chooses research rotations in laboratories of interest from the Program faculty. Laboratory rotations are typically for a eight (8) week duration. Three laboratory rotations are required prior to selection of a research advisor. The first laboratory rotation can commence in the summer, prior to the beginning of the fall semester, or at the conclusion of the GC550 course. If the student choses to do a rotation in the summer, the students stipend can be scheduled to coincide with the laboratory rotation. This requires notification of the Program Director, who will notify the Dean of JGSBS. At the conclusion of each research rotation, the faculty mentor during this research activity submits to the Program Director a written evaluation of the student's performance in the laboratory and the student submits a 1-2 page summary of their research results to the faculty mentor. The Rotation mentor will provide a research grade for the student.

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