Program Policies

The Graduate Program in Neuroscience is governed by the policies and guidelines of the College of Graduate Studies as outlined in the College of Graduate Studies Catalog, and the program may establish additional program requirements. Several important policies are outlined below:

  1. Faculty may accept new predoctoral trainees and serve as mentors to these trainees provided the faculty have independent extramural funding. If such a person loses funding while serving as a mentor, they will continue in that capacity through completion of the program for any trainee already in their laboratory. On re-attaining extramural funding, they may again accept a new trainee to study under their guidance.

  2. The Program and/or the College of Graduate Studies will make every effort to financially support trainees for the first academic year of their training. Once a trainee has chosen a research advisor, it is the research advisor's responsibility to financially support the trainee, including arrangements for stipend and health insurance from research grant and/or the advisor's home department resources, throughout the remainder of the trainee's graduate education.