Emily Foran

Emily Foran
Contact emily.foran@jefferson.edu
Lab/PI Davide Trotti, PhD
Undergrad B.A. Neuroscience, Amherst College – 2005
BA in Natural Science

Research Interests:
My present work with Dr. Davide Trotti is based around the non-cell autonomous aspects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. We are examining the potential toxicity of a sumoylated proteolytic fragment of the glutamate transporter, which is aberrantly accumulated in the SOD1-G93A ALS mouse model. I am attempting to characterize the creation, accumulation and downstream effects of the novel peptide and in order to indentify potential therapeutic targets. Previously I worked in Dr. Robert Ferrante's lab in Bedford, MA working with the R6/2, N171-Q82, and Cag140 mouse models of HD. Primarily my work was based around screening of existing FDA approved compounds. While at my undergraduate institution, Amherst College, my work was based around the apoptotic consequences of disrupting the asymmetry of the lipid bilayer. Working with Dr. Patrick Williamson I investigated the effects of mutations to ATPase II phospholipid transferase subunits in s. Cerivisae.

Foran, E. and D. Trotti (2009). "Glutamate transporters and the excitotoxic path to motor neuron degeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis." Antiox Redox Signal 11(7): 1587-602.

FORAN, E.1, BOGUSH, A.1, GOFFREDO, M.1, PASINELLI, P.1 TROTTI, D.1; Toxicity of a SUMOylated c-terminus fragment of the astrocytic glutamate transporter EAAT2 in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. American Society for Neurochemistry 2010

A. I. BOGUSH, E. FORAN, A. PARKAR, P. PASINELLI, D. TROTTI; Motor neuron toxicity of a SUMOylated fragment generated by caspase-3 cleavage of the glial glutamate transporter EAAT2. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2008

E. FORAN1, S. J. DEL SIGNORE2, A. MARKEY2, S. MATSON2, K. SMITH1, K. CORMIER2, E. C. STACK1,2, S. HERSCH3, H. RYU2, *R. J. FERRANTE1,2; Dose ranging and efficacy study of high-dose creatine in Huntington's disease mouse models. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2006

Graduated Cum Laude, Amherst 2005
Sigma Xi, 2005

Personal Interests:
No matter what is going on I will always find the time for a good book.  Despite some tapering off recently I have been involved and one upon a time competing in golf for over twelve years, so whenever I can find the time, and a place to play, I’m up for nine holes!   And have been and will forever be an avid Red Sox fan.