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Jefferson Elder Care

Jefferson Elder Care is a consultation and professional training service focused on improving the quality of life for older adults and enhancing their caregiver’s skills. Developed by experts at Thomas Jefferson University, our research-based programs offer effective interventions for seniors who need occupational, physical or mental therapy and assistance.

Our specially trained health care professionals teach caregivers and agencies new skills and coping techniques in the comfort of the senior’s living space, addressing patient and provider needs in familiar surroundings.

Consultation & Professional Training

We provide you with a variety of services to equip you with the knowledge, skills and aid you need to give optimal care, including a Jefferson Elder Care Home Safety Assessment. In addition, you’ll receive a set of customized strategizes to support elders with:

Memory Loss — Individuals who have memory loss, dementia and other neurocognitive disorders including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis may experience confusion, trouble planning and organizing, and changes in personality and behavior. Memory loss impacts a senior’s quality of life, affecting their safety and ability to participate in and enjoy daily activities.

Intellectual Disability and Dementia — Seniors who have intellectual disability and dementia typically exhibit personality and behavior changes prior to memory loss and forgetfulness. These symptoms often progress rapidly, which impacts their quality of life, safety, and ability to participate in and enjoy daily activities.