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Frequently Asked Questions

You can move in as early as 5:00 p.m. the day before your assignment date (ex. If your contract starts on July 12th you can move in on 5:00 p.m. July 11th.) The front desk of each building is staffed 24hours a day. Pick up your unit key and a move-in packet at the front desk of your assigned building. Your move-in packet includes an Inspection form. This form allows you to document the condition of the unit in detail. Please return these forms to the your front desk at your earliest convenience. Report all emergency maintenance requests (i.e. broken faucet, missing window screen) to the front desk for immediate assistance. You will also be given an emergency contact card. Please fill out this card as soon as possible.

All maintenance requests should be reported to the front desk of your building either in person or by phone. Students living in the Barringer or Orlowitz apartments can submit online work orders by going to: Need more help? Contact a TJU or Philadelphia Management Company office staff member: Housing and Residence Life Staff.

On an hourly basis you can obtain a loading zone permit from your desk clerk and park your car in the designated TJU Loading Zone areas behind each Residence Hall.* There are a limited number of spots but they are convenient and close to the freight elevator.

While street parking is an option if you obtain a Philadelphia Parking Permit. You can also get a monthly pass from several local garages. The prices range from $75- $210 per month. For more information contact TJU Commuter Services at (215) 955-6417. Where can I park my car indefinitely?

Ample laundry machines are located in the basement of the Orlowitz, Barringer, and Martin Residence halls. The Barringer and Orlowitz machines do not accept cash. Purchase a CoinMach debit card for $10.00 and put any amount on the card. The CoinMach machine takes bills. The cost of one load of wash is $1.90 and one dryer load is $1.70. The Martin Building has coin-operated units.

Even more specific than that, your Jefferson ID is programmed to allow you to enter the Residence Hall where you reside only. Review the housing handbook upon arrival for more detailed information about the quest policy in your building or call the Housing Office at (215) 955-8913: (Barringer & Orlowitz handbook, Martin handbook.)

Your room key opens your mailbox located in the lobby area. Your 3rd shift desk clerk sorts and distributes the mail that is received daily from the US Post Office. If you are going out of town or move off-campus we will forward any 1st class mail. Stop by your front desk for more information.

Periodically, you will notice flyers distributed by the Department of Housing and Residence Life, as well as, Philadelphia Management Company (Apartments only.) Please take note as this is one way to find out about upcoming Residence Life Programs and important communications regarding rent, new policies, emergency water shut-downs etc.

Mailboxes for outgoing mail are located on many corners in Philadelphia, including the corner of 10th and Walnut.

A United States Post Office is located on 9th and Chestnut for all of your postal needs.

WaWa is located on Walnut between 9th & 10th streets and offers no service charge to use their Automatic Teller Machines. Two ATMs are located on the Jefferson campus at the Jefferson Alumni Hall Lobby and the Gibbon lobby.

In addition, the three following Banks are also within a block to the residence halls:

  • TD BANK- 11th & Chestnut
  • Bank of America - 10th & Chestnut
  • PNC – 9th & Walnut

Barringer and Orlowitz Apartment-style: Paying your housing fees is easy. Housing fees are due on the 1st of each month. You will not receive a bill but please be diligent in paying on time as late fees will begin to accrue on the 10th of each month. It is important that you write your name, building & room number, and telephone number on the check. You can drop off your payment check in the rent drop boxes in the Orlowitz lobby.

Starting in the Spring of 2014, students also have the option of paying their rent online via Students need to register on the website first and then setup their payment information. Students can also setup reoccurring payments that will automatically be deducted for each month's rent. DHRL and PMC recommend using the student's Jefferson campus key as the username to register for the website so it is easy to remember.

IMPORTANT: Barringer and Orlowitz residents- rent can be paid by check or money order payable to Philadelphia Management Company.

Martin Residence: Paying your housing fees is easy. Your housing fees are due at the beginning of each term. The calendar year is divided into four possible terms. While you must have signed your contract for the Fall and Spring terms, you may or may not have decided to stay on for pre-fall or summer terms:

Pre-fall term: July 1st- Aug 31st Fall Term: Sept 1st-Dec 31st Spring Term: Jan 1st-May 31st Summer Term: June 1st- June 30th

When housing fees are due, you will not receive a separate bill, but the fees will appear on your tuition bill if you are a student. Please be diligent in checking your Banner web account and paying on time. A hold will be placed on your record if you are delinquent in paying any tuition or housing fees.

This situation may be applicable for some students who live in the Barringer and Orlowitz Residence Halls. To avoid late fees just keep us updated by stopping by the Housing Office to submit a rent deferment form. Furthermore, if you are having financial difficulties we can work with you. Please schedule an appointment to speak with the Director of Housing and Residence Life at your earliest convenience.

Since Martin residents pay their housing fees on Banner web, DHRL is not able to assist with any rent or Financial Aid matters.

For more comprehensive information, contact the TJU Financial Aid Department.

There are tons of places to shop in Philadelphia, check out...

  • Superfresh 10th & South
  • Whole Foods 10th & South
  • Reading Terminal Market 12th & Filbert
  • Italian Market 9th & Christian
  • The Gallery ground level 11th & Market.

If you are looking for something closer to home, you can always stop by one of Jefferson's food service operations: The Atrium, the TJUH Food Court, the Pavilion Food Cart, or the Corner Café! There is even a cashless card system that allows you the travel around campus without the need to carry cash for food, drinks, and snacks. Call (215) 955-FOOD for more information about the Atrium FastPass.

The best part about living on-campus is that you are so close to all your classes. Still, public transportation is readily available to get around locally.

  • SEPTA Tokens are sold at discount price at the Commuter Services Office located in the TJU Bookstore. Without a discount the one-way cash fare for the bus is $2.25. Transfers are $1.00. If you need information about SEPTA, call the information line from 6 a.m. to midnight daily at (215) 580-7800 or visit
  • PATCO PATCO offers train service to New Jersey, and is also known as the Hi-Speedline. A PATCO station is located on-campus at 10th & Locust. PATCO trains run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some stations, however, are closed nights and weekends. Schedules are available at Commuter Services. For more info about PATCO call (215) 922-4600 or visit
  • NJ Transit provides bus service from the Philadelphia area to New Jersey (including the beach) in addition to transportation within New Jersey. For more information on routes, fares, etc. call (215) 569-3752
  • Cabs can usually be hailed on major streets. Although taxis are plentiful they are also expensive.

Check out the TJU Commuter Services Department for more comprehensive information. 

Absolutely! Any resident can reserve the lounge for personal use. Maybe you would like to host a student organization meeting or you want to watch cable on the big screen TV. Just stop by your front desk to ensure it has not been previously reserved and then submit a lounge reservation form. The Orlowitz lounge is located in the basement of your building and has television room and a small fitness room. The Barringer offers a beautiful Baby Grand piano and a big screen television. The Barringer Residence Hall also offers a separate fitness room adjacent to the lounge on the first floor. The Martin lounge is also located in the basement and has a pool table, a full kitchen, table tennis, foosball table, a piano, and a big screen television.

Information Services & Technologies (IS&T) manages the on campus wireless internet access for full-time students. However, IS&T will only configure PCs/MACs with certain operating systems. Visit the IS&T web site for more information for students. To make an appointment to set up your wireless account, contact IS&T at (215) 503-7600, or email Throughout the year, all questions about the wireless system should be directed to the TJU IS&T Service Desk directly at (215) 503-7600.

The Martin Residence Hall (renovated units) have wired internet access points also. To make an appointment to set up your wired account call or e-mail the IS&T Department, at (215) 503-7600 or email

Although the Residence halls are equipped with wireless access points they are maintained by the IS&T Services (Edison Building - 3rd Floor.) Please contact the IS&T Help Desk online via a Scott Library terminal at or by telephone at (215) 503-7600 to report any problems.

Use your Campus Key and Password to access the DHRL BlackBoard Roommate Forum. (Only current resident students have access to the DHRL Black Board page. Non-students or non-resident students will not be able to access this page.)