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The current focus of the JeffHOPE Research Committee is completion of a longitudinal, descriptive study of medication compliance at the Ridge Homeless Shelter in Philadelphia. The primary aim of this study is to determine if men at the shelter who are patients of the JeffHOPE free clinic are compliant with their medication regimens while monitored by a monthly medication record at the clinic. A secondary goal of this study is to determine if any adherence trends emerge in the setting of volunteer directly-observed therapy in this population. The ultimate goal is to implement changes at the JeffHOPE clinic to increase adherence to medication regimens and, thus, improve patient health.

The JeffHOPE Research Committee is also developing a questionnaire study to assess patient satisfaction with their care at the JeffHOPE clinics and a study to determine if a medical literacy intervention in shelters can improve medication compliance and patient health. In addition to conducting formal research projects, the JeffHOPE Research Committee members visit each of the clinics to evaluate and address their immediate needs, such as more medication for children and more magazines in the waiting areas.

Towards the end of 2007, the JeffHOPE Research Committee began a vaccination campaign at all of the JeffHOPE clinics with vaccinations provided by Philadelphia Department of Health. So far, the program has been very successful in terms of preventive care and medical student education. In the future, we hope to expand the vaccination program to include children.

Current Projects

  • Drug adherence under volunteer directly observed therapy at a male homeless shelter in Philadelphia
  • Do patients at JeffHOPE believe that this clinic improves their health care?
  • Does a medical literacy intervention improve medication compliance in a female homeless population?


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