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Christine A. Arenson

Christine A. Arenson, MD

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1015 Walnut Street
Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-0642

Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Going back to the future what is all the buzz about interprofessional education and collaborative practice?
  2. The health mentors program: Three years experience with longitudinal, patient-centered interprofessional education
  3. The (stalled) progress of interprofessional collaboration: The role of gender
  4. Development of a comprehensive multidisciplinary geriatric oncology center, the Thomas Jefferson university experience
  5. Dissecting first-year students' perceptions of health profession groups: Potential barriers to interprofessional education
  6. Effect of the health mentors program on student attitudes toward team care
  7. Interprofessional education: A review and analysis of programs from three academic health centers
  8. Racial differences in the recognition of cognitive dysfunction in older persons
  9. Potentially inappropriate prescribing in elderly: Assessing doctor knowledge, confidence and barriers
  10. Transforming chronic illness care education: A longitudinal interprofessional mentorship curriculum
  11. Jefferson interprofessional education center, Thomas Jefferson University
  12. Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University
  13. Reflections of medical students regarding the care of geriatric patients in the continuing care retirement community
  14. Attitudes of students in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy toward interprofessional education
  15. Chronic illness care education: Longitudinal interprofessional mentor programme
  16. Cross-sectional assessment of medical and nursing students' attitudes toward chronic illness at matriculation and graduation.
  17. Evaluation of the chronic disease self-management program with low-income, urban, African American older adults
  18. Development of a scale to measure adults' perceptions of health: Preliminary findings
  19. Potentially inappropriate prescribing for elderly patients in 2 outpatient settings.
  20. A national survey of family medicine residency education in geriatric medicine: comparing findings in 2004 to 2001
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