Daniel Z. Louis

Daniel Z. Louis, MS

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Medical School

BA, Alfred University, Mathematics
MS, University of Pennsylvania, Operations Research

Expertise & Research Interests

Health services research. Development and application of patient classification systems and measurement of disease severity. Analysis of issues of quality and cost of health care.

Other Expertise

2010 - Present, Jefferson School of Population Health, "HPL 500 US Health Care Organization and Delivery"

2007 - Present, "PH 508 Health Policy: An International Perspective." This course, which is part of TJUs MPH program, is designed to help the students understand how the US health care system operates and to learn approaches to the organization and financing of health care in other developed countries.

1994 - Present, Jefferson Medical College, "Health Policy/An Introduction to the US Health Care System: Cost and Financing." (Required course for first year medical students) (Formerly JanPlan & MP-21).

1997 -Present, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Istituto di Igiene (Rome, Italy), Masters Program in Health Administration. "Evaluation of Health Care Quality and Cost." (Invited Guest Lecturer in graduate program in health administration).

2005 - Present, University of Pisa, Faculty of Economics, Masters Program in Management of Health Care Organizations. "Evaluation of Quality and Performance in Health Care."

1998 -Present, The Spoleto Casemix Summer School, Italy, "Case Mix and Quality of Care: The Staging Experience" (10 hours per year), "An Introduction to the US Health Care System" (3 hours per year).

1991 - Present, University of Delaware/Jefferson Medical College, Medical Scholars Program, Guest Lecturer, "Hospitals" course (2 hours per year).

1995 - 1998, Jefferson Medical College/USQA Fellowship Program, "Evaluation of Quality of Care" and "Integrated Delivery Systems."

1989 - 1992, Jefferson Medical College Sophomore Seminar, "Issues in Health Policy: Impact on the Health Care Environment" (15 hours per year).

2001- Present Clinical Care Committee, Jefferson University Physicians (JUP)

2003-Present Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Information Management Strategic Planning, Retrospective Analysis and Reporting Task Force

20022003 Jefferson Medical College, 1st Year Curriculum Task Force

20022003 Thomas Jefferson University, Middle States Accreditation Commission, Research Task Force

19971999 Quality and Utilization Management Committee of the Jefferson Health Network

1996-1997 Managed Care and Quality Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Jefferson Faculty Foundation

19951996 Thomas Jefferson University Learning Infrastructure Project

19941996 Protocol Steering Committee and Education Steering Committee of Pew Foundation grant to Thomas Jefferson University

Reviewer: Annals of Internal Medicine, Medical Care, American Journal of Medical Quality

- Scientific Advisory Committee Ricerca sui Servizi Sanitari (Health Services Research)
- American Public Health Association
- Clinical Care Committee, Jefferson University Physicians (JUP)
- Executive Board, Patient Classification System/International
- Editorial Board, American Journal of Medical Quality,
- Editorial Board, Jefferson Health Policy Newsletter

Louis DZ. Using Administrative Data to Assess Patterns and Quality of Cancer Care. Proceedings of the 23rd PCS/I Conference, Venice, Italy, November 8-9, 2007.

Louis DZ, Melotti R, Vizioli M, Fiorini M, Liverani S, Rabinowitz C, Gonnella JS, Jimbo M, Taroni F. A Method for the Assessment of Appropriateness of Acute Hospital Admission. Proceedings of the 21st PCS/I Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 5-8, 2005.

Louis DZ, Gonnella JS, McCracken SB, Barnes, CA. Patient Classification and Severity of Illness: Disease Staging, DRGs, and APR-DRGs. Proceeding of the 20th PCS/E Conference, Budapest, Hungary, October 21-23, 2004.

Louis DZ, Donatini A, Jimbo M, et al. Using Disease and DRGs to Assess the Appropriateness of Hospital Admissions in the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Intl Society for RHFM Symposium and Workshop, Baltimore, MD, August 4-7, 2004.

Louis DZ, Donatini A, Jimbo M, et al. Using Disease and DRGs to Assess the Appropriateness of Hospital Admissions in the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy. Proceedings of the 19th International PCS/E Conference, Washington DC, October 8-11, 2003.

Yuen EJ, Smith KD, Donatini A, Maio V, Jimbo M, Mall S, Rabinowitz C, Louis DZ, Taroni F, Gonnella JS. Developing Risk Adjustment Models in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Presented at the 19th PCS/E Conference, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. October 8-11, 2003.

Louis DZ, Taroni F, Donatini A, et al. Using Disease Staging for DRG Refinement for Chronic Conditions in the Italian National Health Service. Proceedings of the 17th International PCS/E Working Conference, Bruges, Belgium, October 10-13, 2001

Louis DZ, Yuen EJ, Rabinowitz C, Gonnella JS. Severity of Illness and Organizational Variables-Drivers of Performance in Clinical Departments in a Teaching Hospital in Italy. Proceedings of the 16th Working Conference of PCS/E, GroningenUniversity Hospital, Groningen, The Netherlands, September 27-30, 2000.

Louis DZ. New Developments in Disease Staging in Italy and the United States: Methods and Applications. Proceedings of the 13th International PCS/E Working Conf., Firenze, Italy, Oct 1-3, 1997.

PRESENTATIONS (1997-present)
Severity of Illness and Organizational Variables as Drivers of Performance in Departments of Surgery in a Teaching Hospital in Italy. Poster presentation at ISTAHC's 16th Annual Meeting, in The Hague, June 18-21 2000.

Sistemas de Classificacion en el Analisis de Calidad y Eficiencia en la Atencion al Paciente. Invited lecturer at the 48th Anniversary of the Children's Hospital of Hidalgo. Pachuca, Mexico, January 1999.

DRG-based Hospital Financing in Italy. Presented at the Society for Clinical Coding Meeting on Global Perspectives on Data Quality and Coding. Washington, DC, July 28-30, 1998.

Outcomes Management and Risk Adjustment. Presented at the American Health Information Management Association Annual Meeting and Educational Program. Phoenix, AZ, Oct 22-24, 1997.

New Developments in Disease Staging in Italy and the United States: Methods and Applications. Presented at the 13th InternationalPatient Classification Systems/Europe Working Conference. Firenze, Italy, Oct 1-3, 1997.

DRG/ROD e rimborso delle Aziende Ospedaliere. (DRGs and payment of teaching hospitals). Progetto Impatto Un Anno Dopo. Ferrara, Italy, June 7, 1997.