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Susan M. Parks, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Strategies to help reduce hospital readmissions
  2. What is a geriatrician? American geriatrics society and association of directors of geriatric academic programs end-of-training entrustable professional activities for geriatric medicine
  3. American geriatrics society/association of directors of geriatric academic programs curricular milestones for graduating geriatric fellows
  4. Acceptors and rejecters of life-sustaining treatment: Differences in advance care planning characteristics
  5. Elders' preferences for life-prolonging treatment and their proxies' substituted judgment: Influence of the elders' current health
  6. The reluctance to burden others as a value in end-of-life decision making: A source of inaccuracy in substituted judgment
  7. Family factors in end-of-life decision-making: Family conflict and proxy relationship
  8. Knowledge, attitudes, and practice behaviors of oncology advanced practice nurses regarding advanced care planning for patients with cancer.
  9. Ask a different question, get a different answer: Why living wills are poor guides to care preferences at the end of life
  10. End of Life Decision-Making for Cancer Patients
  11. Multidisciplinary family meetings in the ICU facilitate end-of-life decision making
  12. Intracerebral hemorrhage for the palliative care provider: What you need to know
  13. Family discord and proxy decision makers' end-of-life treatment decisions
  14. The state of advance care planning: One decade after SUPPORT
  15. Medication prescribing for older adults
  16. Evaluation of an educational program for long-term care nursing assistants
  17. Preventive health care for older patients
  18. A practical guide to caring for caregivers
  19. Omeprazole maintenance therapy for GERD.