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Family Medicine Center


Jefferson’s Family Medicine Center (FMC) is a newly renovated modern office in an historic building in Center City Philadelphia located one block from the main hospital complex.  The patient office includes 39 exam rooms, a large conference room, two precepting areas, 2 labs, treatment and procedure rooms, administrative offices, a staff lounge, a kitchen and a resident work lounge.

Each physician is assured of caring for families and individuals with a wide variety of healthcare needs.  Patients who seek care from residents and faculty in Jefferson Family Medicine Associates (JFMA) come from diverse backgrounds and find us through a variety of means. Patients are referred for primary care from the emergency center; from colleagues within the Jefferson community, from one of several health maintenance organizations, and from friends and families already taken care of by the practice. Our practice is known for its diversity including professionals in the Center City community and individuals from many under-served urban communities throughout Philadelphia.  Although the population is remarkably diverse with patients from every socioeconomic group, the department maintains a special interest in the healthcare needs of marginalized communities.  More than half of our patients are from minority groups, the majority of which are African- Americans. Most of the visits to our practice are from individuals from medically underserved communities in Philadelphia.


The practice currently enrolls approximately 36,000 patients who make more than 90,000 visits to the center each year.  Residents, as the curriculum suggests, spend more time in the FMC with each progressive year of training.  Early in the first year, the resident begins to accrue families and individuals for his or her own practice.  These patients may either be new to the practice or handed down from graduating residents’ practices.  The residents follow these patients and others added later in training for the three years of residency.  The approximate number of patient encounters for an intern is 200 per year, 800 per year for a second year resident and 1,000 patient visits for a third-year resident.


The residents work in coordination with other office staff in providing care for their patients.  Medical technicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, practice managers, and faculty are all based in the FMC to help residents provide high quality primary care to our patients.  One dedicated faculty member is designated to precept for every three- four residents seeing patients in the family practice center.

As in all aspects of the program, residents play an important role in providing care for a diverse group of patients.  However, the Department of Family and Community Medicine ensures that the primary goal of all service activity is to educate residents and to provide structured time in the FMC to acquire the competency needed for independent practice.