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Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Students, residents and fellows are an integral part of the research mission of the Department of Family and Community Medicine.  The department has a Faculty Development Research Fellowship, and also offers many research opportunities to medical students as well as students in The College of Population Health’s Master of Public Health (MPH) program. 

Jefferson Medical College Summer Research Program

The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) participates in Jefferson Medical College’s Summer Research Program.  In order to be considered for a summer research position at the DFCM, you must apply through the JMC program, and choose the “Department of Family and Community Medicine” option. The DFCM program is competitive, and Physician Shortage Area Program (PSAP) students are given preference.

Contact Andrea Cherenack ((215) 503-6166) for questions about the JMC Summer Research Program.

Contact Dr. Marianna LaNoue for more information about DFCM summer research.

College within the College

If you are a College within the College (CwiC) program student and you want to do a summer research experience, you can also apply through the JMC program application, and choose the ‘Center for Urban Health’ (CUH) option to be eligible for a CUH research project.   These options are mutually exclusive; you will have to choose a site when completing your application. CUH students must be eligible for federal work study, so we recommend getting this process started early.

Contact Atheia Mobley to complete a Federal Work Study Application.

Contact Abbie Santana for other questions regarding CwiC summer research.

Ongoing Medical Student Research Opportunities

Jefferson medical students may complete research electives or participate in longitudinal research opportunities in the Department of Family & Community Medicine.

Contact Randa Sifri for questions about these research opportunities.

Medical Student Research Travel Fellowships

A limited amount of funding is available through the Office of the Dean to support medical students who present their research at national or international scientific meetings. One-half of travel expenses or $400 (whichever is less) is available to up to ten students who meet the following criteria:

  1. the student must be first author on the abstract and must present the research findings (either poster or oral presentation) at the meeting;
  2. the faculty or departmental sponsor must sign the application and indicate the source of matching funds; and
  3. the research should have been completed while a student at Jefferson Medical College and represent research done at Jefferson Medical College (exceptions must be pre-approved).

Any medical student who has done research while at Jefferson is eligible. For more information or an application contact Andrea Cherenack at (215) 503-6166 or

Master of Public Health Clerkship and Capstone Information

After completing core MPH coursework, Thomas Jefferson University students complete a three-credit field training experience. The clerkship requires a minimum of 120 hours and is usually completed over two terms.  The MPH Capstone is the culminating experience of the MPH degree and is conducted under faculty supervision. It is expected to be a high quality example of one or more of the following: community assessment; program planning and evaluation; secondary data analysis; original research; policy analysis; strategic planning; a grant proposal or equivalent project.

Contact Nancy Chernett in the Jefferson College of Population Health for current DFCM clerkship and capstone opportunities.

General Research Resources

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