Divison of Hematology
1015 Walnut Street
705 Curtis Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107

A Message from the Director of Hematology & the Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research

Paul F. Bray, MD

Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson Medical College Hematology Web Site.  We are very pleased you have taken the time to learn about the many opportunities in our program.

The goals of our Hematology-Oncology Fellowship are to train superior clinicians and academic Hematologists.  Our fellows experience a broad array of Hematologic disorders, from common simple problem to extremely complex conditions.  You will be amazed at the comfort you develop in managing this wide variety of disease in a short time.  Much effort is made to prepare our fellows to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass their Hematology and Oncology board exams, to develop the professionalism and skills that inspires other clinicians to refer them patients, and to utilize existing tools for continued learning and growth in this great profession.  

Our program is noteworthy for a sense of family – we support all aspects of our fellows training and lives. Senior fellows play a major role in helping and supporting junior fellows, since they remember the time when the shoe was on the other foot.  We appreciate that each fellow is unique – some are “undifferentiated” as to their career path, whereas others have a clear vision.  Our faculty are anxious to support the distinct development of each individual fellow.

There are numerous opportunities for additional training in clinical/translational and basic research in Hematology.  All fellows do research in the third year of this program, but we encourage our trainees to consider a rich and rewarding career as independent investigators, generating new knowledge and treatments for our patients.  Please navigate through our Web Site to get a better understanding of Jefferson Hematology.

Paul F. Bray, MD
Director, Hematology
Director, Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research
Director, Cardeza Hemostasis Laboratory