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Center for
Translational Medicine

Researching the Power to Cure:
from Bench to Bedside

The Center for Translational Medicine aims to bridge basic scientific discoveries with physicians' needs for their patients. At the forefront of academic health care, the Center focuses on cutting-edge basic molecular biomedical research and its translation into the most efficient and tailored forms of diagnosis and treatment as well as modes of prevention.

Our faculty is a multinational team of scientists applying the cutting edge and interdisciplinary techniques to bring the latest scientific discoveries from bench to bedside. We collaborate synergistically with our colleagues from the Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research and the Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine.

Our facility, housed within Jefferson's Department of Medicine since 2003, is unique in its commitment to all-encompassing research. Our work is “translational” in that we develop outreach opportunities to bring scientific observations in the Center to clinical investigations in patients. To this end we use a range of strategies, from developing genetic indicators to aiding physicians tailor drugs and other therapies to individual patients. While much of our research focuses on cardiovascular, blood and pulmonary diseases our faculty and facilities are geared toward helping physicians from all specialties to best serve their patients.