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CTM Seminar Series


Date Speaker

September 9

Wang Min, PhD
Mitochondrial redox signaling in heart function

October 23

Yang Hu, PhD
Promoting Neuroprotection and Axon Regeneration in CNS

October 30

Richard Dixon, PhD
Integrin modulators for treating cardiovascular diseases

November 6

Paul F. Bray, MD
Platelet PAR4 functional genomics: Lessons for personalized medicine

November 11

Jianxin Sun, PhD
Anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertrophic effects of Nur77

November 20

Ross Summer, MD
Alcohol-related lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and ARDS: An overview of our research

December 4

Rennolds Ostrom, PhD
Defining cAMP signaling compartments: adenylyl cyclase as the swingman

December 18

Irving M. Shapiro,  BDS, PhD
Molecular Engineering of an Orthopaedic Implant: From Bench to Bedside (Barnside). 

January 15

Ulhas P. Naik, PhD, FAHA

January 20

Charles W. Emala, MD


Date Speaker

September 10

Michael A. Holinstat, PhD
12-lipoxygenase: A new target in prevention of platelet activation and clot formation

October 10

Darius Balciunas, PhD
Conditional mutants for genetic analysis of regeneration in zebrafish

October 14

Teresa Pitts, PhD
Cough and Swallow for airway protection: in human, in vivo, and in silico

November 12

Susan Steinberg, MD
The structural determinants of protein kinase C-delta activity: Rules of phosphorylation ..... or phosphorylation rules!

December 5

Peisong Gao, MD, PhD
Mechanistic study on cockroach allergen exposure induced asthma

December 12

Chunxiang Zhang, MD, PhD
MicroRNA in cardiovascular disease: From bench to bedside

December 17

Young-sup Yoon, MD, PhD, FAHA
Cardiac repair with human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

January 16

Paul Janmey, PhD
Integrating mechanical and chemical signaling to guide cell differentiation

February 13

Joel Rosenbloom, MD, PhD. 
Signaling pathways and treatment of fibrotic reactions

February 20

Y.S. Prakash, MD, PhD
Sex matters in the lung

February 27

Sophie Astrof, PhD
The role of cell-ECM interactions in the development of  aortic arch arteries"   

March 6

Carmine Fedele, PhD
 “aVßpromotes tumor growth in a mouse model of prostate cancer: is intercellular trafficking involved?”

March 20

Joel Rosenbloom, MD, PhD
Signaling pathways and treatment of fibrotic reactions

March 27

Edward Macarak, PhD
Effects of mechanical forces on periodontal ligament fibroblasts

April 3

S. Prasad, PhD
Receptor resensitization: Does it contribute to receptor dysfunction in pathology?”

April 10

Snezana Petrovic, MD, & Thomas D. DuBose, Jr., M.D.
Acid-base sensors in the kidney: molecular mechanisms and functional implications for progressive CKD

May 1

Alexander Mazo, PhD
The role of post-replicative structure of chromatin in differentiaton and cancer

May 15

Todd R. Evans, PhD
Epigenetic memory: Friend or foe of regenerative medicine?

May 22

Alexia Vite, PhD
Alpha-catenins as regulators of heart muscle growth


Date Speaker

September 4

Shiyou Chen, DVM, PhD
TGF-beta signaling in smooth muscle cell differentiation

October 9

Hongyu Qiu, MD, PhD
The novel mechanism of aortic stiffness in the development of hypertension

October 16

Peter Yurchenco, MD, PhD
Repair of mouse models of laminin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy with a laminin-nidogen fusion protein

October 23

Jean-Francois-Jasmin, PhD
The role of caveolin-1 in the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension

October 30

Brian O'Rourke, PhD
Central role of mitochondrial dysfunction in cardiac disease

November 6

Linda Greenbaum, MD
Liver progenitor cells: their role during injury and repair

November 13

Mary Jane Thomassen, PhD
Chronic granulomatous lung inflammation elicited by carbon nanotubes

November 20

Walter RT Witschey, PhD
Imaging guided therapies for ischemic heart disease

November 26

James M. Holaska, PhD
Dynamic organization of the nucleus during stem cell differentiation: Implications for muscular dystrophy

December 4

William Pu, MD
Approaches to heart regeneration: Hippo/YAP signaling and epicardial progenitors

December 11

Ming-Hui Zou, MD, PhD
AMP-activated protein kinase, stress responses, and cardiovascular diseases

December 18

Ross Summer, MD
Obesity: Priming the lung for injury

January 8

Yang Jin, MD, PhD
Potential role of CCN1 in pulmonary vascular remodeling and pulmonary hypertension

January 15

Andrew E. Aplin, PhD
Mutant B-RAF signaling and resistance to targeted therapies

January 22

Philippe Frank, PhD
Distinct roles for endothelial and macrophage caveolin-1 in the development of atherosclerosis

January 29

Paul J. Mather, MD
Advanced Heart Failure: Where are we now?

February 5

Jin Ouchi, MD, PhD
Adrenergic regulation of cardiac excitation and contraction/metabolism coupling: physiology and pathophysiology

February 12

Jifen Li, PhD
From arrhythmia to regeneration: the complex role of alpha-catenins in the heart

February 19

Rebecca G. Wells, MD
Adding mechanics to fibrosis

February 26

Pu Fang,, PhD
Hyperhomocysteinemia accelerates atherosclerosis and induces inflammatory monocyte differentiation in a hyperglycemic mouse model

March 5

Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, PhD
Regulatory networks driving the plasticity of cellular phenotypes

March 12

Roger S. Armen, PhD
Strategies to overcome challenges in small-molecule kinase inhibitor discovery and design

March 19

Anna Kashina, PhD
Protein arginylation as a global regulator of normal physiology and disease

April 2

James S. Schwaber, PhD
Inputs drive cell phenotype variability

April 16

Janice L. Walker, PhD
Novel paradigms of epithelial wound repair

April 23

Tooraj Mirshahi, PhD
Weight loss: From gastric bypass surgery to G protein signaling

April 30

James B. Jaynes, PhD
A chromatin insulator from eve defines chromosomal domains and mediates long-range interactions

May 7

Isidore Rigoutsos, Ph.D.
Rules of microRNA targeting: "expanding" the current model and implications of doing so

May 14

Karsten Peppel, PhD
Regulation of S100A1 in the Endothelium - "To Mir or not to Mir-that is the question"

May 28

Karen E. Knudsen, PhD
AR regulation and DNA repair in prostate cancer - mechanisms and implications

June 4

Jian-Ping Jin, MD,, PhD
Regulation of troponin function by restrictive proteolysis

June 11

Elena A. Goncharova, Ph.D.
Targeting mTORC2-Akt signaling in pulmonary hypertension




Date Speaker

April 17

Lai-Hua Xie, PhD
Cardiac Arrhythmogenic Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

April 24

Karsten Peppel, PhD
Role of the Calcium handling Proteins S100A1 and A6 in Endothelial Cell Physiology

May 1

Xin L. Ma, MD, PhD
Bench-Top Research in Translational Era: Why and How

May 8

Paul Bray, MD, PhD
Genetic Variation in Platelet Biology: RNAs Gone Wild 

May 15

Cornelia Marietta Kurischko, PhD
Learning from yeast: Do the tumor suppressor kinases LATS/Ndr regulate mRNA localization by phosphorylating RNA-binding proteins?

May 22

Raymond Habas, PhD
Dissecting the Molecular Mechanisms of Wnt Signaling

May 29

Leonard Edelstein, PhD
Catching a Supervillin of Platelet Activity: A Genome-wide Pursuit

June 5

Shey-Shing Sheu, PhD
Mitochondrial Ca2+ and ROS Signaling: Physiological and Pathological Relevance

June 12

Bassel E. Sawaya, PhD
HIV and miRNA: Friends or Foes?