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The Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant Program is an intensive 95.5 credit, 27-month curriculum.  The contiguous curriculum is divided into 15-months of didactic courses followed by 12-months of supervised clinical rotations taken over 7 semesters.

Didactic Year

The TJU PA Program Didactic Year is composed of 15-months of classroom learning.  Student instruction consists of course delivery via lectures, small group sessions, hands-on skills practice and simulation.  In order to progress to the clinical year, students must successfully complete all didactic phase courses, maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and achieve a passing grade on the didactic Comprehensive Examination.

PRE-FALL Credits
Advanced Human Anatomy 5
Patient Communication 1.5
Introduction to Professional Practice 1
Epidemiology and Evidence Based Medicine 1
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Medicine 1
Total Pre-Fall Credits 9.5
FALL 1 Credits
Clinical Medicine I 3.5
Clinical Skills I 1
Pharmacology & Clinical Therapeutics I 2.5
Physiology & Pathophysiology I 2
Physical Diagnosis 2.5
Behavioral Science 2
Total Fall 1 Credits 13.5
SPRING 1 Credits
Clinical Medicine II 5
Clinical Skills II 3
Pharmacology & Clinical Therapeutics II 2
Physiology & Pathophysiology II 2.5
Introduction to Healthcare Quality & Safety 3
Total Spring 1 Credits 15.5
SUMMER 1 Credits
Clinical Medicine III 3.5
Clinical Skills III 1.5
Medical Nutrition 1
Pharmacology & Clinical Therapeutics III 1.5
Physiology & Pathophysiology III 1.5
Special Topics in Medicine 5
Total Summer 1 Credits 14

Clinical Year

The TJU PA Program Clinical Year is composed of 12-months of supervised clinical rotations as well as continuing coursework.  Students will complete 8 clinical rotations, each 5 weeks in duration which will be assigned in any order.  In order to graduate from the PA Program, a student must successfully complete all required courses and rotations, maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, achieve a passing grade on both the didactic Comprehensive Examination and the program Summative Evaluation, and meet all Program, College and, University guidelines.

FALL 2 Credits
Clinical Rotation 1* 5
Clinical Rotation 2 5
Clinical Rotation 3 5
Healthcare I 1
Total Fall 2 Credits 16
SPRING 2 Credits
Clinical Rotation 4 5
Clinical Rotation 5 5
Clinical Rotation 6 5
Healthcare II 1
Graduate Project 1 0.5
Total Spring 2 Credits 16.5
SUMMER 2 Credits
Clinical Rotation 7 5
Clinical Rotation 8 5
Graduate Project II 0.5
Total Summer 2 Credits 10.5
Total Credits for Graduation


* Clinical Rotations
Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Women's Health
Behavioral Medicine
Primary Care