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Housing Process for
Current Students

Timeline to secure or terminate housing for the following academic year


During the "Turnover" period, on campus residents have the opportunity to log into the "Turnover Forms for Current Residents" button (right) once it is activated on a specific date. This year the site will be activated TENTATIVELY on January 1, 2015. Housing options include Renewal, Transfer (within or between residence halls), or Terminate a current housing agreement.

Renewal Form:
Full time students have first priority to remain in the same space the following year. Roommates may be adjusted. The original resident can complete renewal paperwork and list the desired new resident. The desired new resident must submit a new housing application (if the individual will be a new resident) or a transfer form (if the individual is a current resident).

Transfer Form:
Current residents who wish to transfer will receive a transfer assignment in their on campus mailbox in May.  

Termination Form:
Martin residence hall residents have the option to terminate at the end of the Spring Term (May 31) or at the end of the Summer Term (June 30). Barringer and Orlowitz residence hall contracts end on June 30.

*Residents who are graduating have additional termination date options. Specific dates and paperwork deadlines will be listed on the termination form which is distributed in March.


The last business day in March is the final* deadline for current residents to submit housing paperwork to the Housing Office. March 31, 2015 is the final* paperwork deadline this academic year.  All residents are advised to read the paperwork carefully. Other important deadlines may be listed on the forms.



Current Residents, who accept their transfer assignment, will move to the alternative space at a specific pre-determined date in the month of June (or July). Residents choosing to transfer from the Martin Residence Hall to the Barringer or Orlowitz Residence Hall will be required to submit a new Security Deposit made payable to Philadelphia Management Company. Residents choosing to transfer from the Orlowitz or Barringer Residence Hall to the Martin Residence Hall will be required to submit a new Security Deposit made payable to Thomas Jefferson University.